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Xinsi technology's designware IP has obtained more than 250 design choices

Xinsi technology's designware IP for TSMC 7-nanometer FinFET process technology has obtained more than 250 design choices (design wins)

proven interface, analogy and basic IP to help customers achieve successful Silicon Design in various applications

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applied to TSMC 7-nanometer FinFET process technology in all operation processes Designware PHY IP that passes silicon proven includes USB, DDR, lpddr, HBM, PCI Express, Mipi, DisplayPort, and Ethernet

successfully completed the customer projection of designware logic libraries and embedded memories in the 7-nm process (Cu researchers at the National University of Singapore are also studying the simple surface modification of pet aerogel gel). The line automatic fracture diagram in Exhibit 2 shows high quality and reduces the integration risk

the designware IP portfolio for TSMC's 7-nm process technology enables semiconductor leaders to achieve silicon design success in mobile, cloud computing and automotive applications

Xinsi technology recently announced its designware for TSMC's 7-nm process technology? Logic library, embedded memory, interface and analog IP have obtained more than 25 design wins to accelerate the speed of product launch. Nearly 30 leading semiconductor manufacturers have chosen Xinsi technology 7 nano designware IP solutions to provide high-performance, low-power system chips (SOCS) for various applications such as mobile, cloud computing and automotive. Due to the successful Silicon Design of many customers, designware IP has been widely adopted, so designers can be more confident in integrating IP and greatly reduce the risk of SOC integration

Suk Lee, senior director of TSMC's design and construction management office, said: TSMC and Xinsi technology have worked closely on a number of processes, highlighting the commitment of both sides to provide IP for designers to help them solve key design challenges and quickly enter mass production. As a senior partner of TSMC's ecosystem, Xinsi technology has always been at the front end of IP solutions. The IP solution provided by Xinsi technology applied to TSMC's industry-leading 7-nm process technology can meet the requirements of SOC deployment in AI, automotive, cloud computing and other application fields for efficiency, power consumption and chip area

John koeter, vice president of IP marketing of synopsis technology, pointed out that in order to meet the current needs of AI workloads, film traffic and cloud and edge information intensive operations, designers rely on synopsis technology to provide proven IP solutions in the most advanced and efficient FinFET process. Designware, which is used in TSMC's 7-nanometer manufacturing process and has passed silicon verification, has been adopted by customers and has been widely verified, allowing designers to launch differentiated products with less risk and speed up the time to market

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the designware IP combination applied to TSMC 7 nano and 7 nano plus processes has been listed

designware IP introduction

Xinsi technology is a leading supplier of high-quality silicon verification IP solutions for chip design. Designware IP combination includes logic library, embedded memory, embedded test, analog IP, wired and wireless interface IP, security IP, embedded processor and subsystem. In order to accelerate prototype design, software development and integrate IP into the chip, Xinsi technology IP accelerated plans to provide IP prototype design kit, IP software development kit and IP subsystem. Xinsi technology's extensive investment in IP quality, comprehensive technical support and strong IP development methods enable designers to reduce integration risks and speed up time to market. For details of designware IP, please visit

Synopsys introduction

Synopsys (Inc., NASDAQ: SNPs) is a silicon to software partner of many innovative companies, which are committed to developing electronic products and software applications we rely on daily. As the 15th largest software company in the world, synopsis technology has long been a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP, and is also playing an increasingly leading role in software security and quality solutions. Whether you are a system on chip (SOC) designer who creates advanced semiconductors or a software developer who writes applications that require the highest security and quality, Xinsi technology can provide the solutions you need to help you launch innovative, high-quality and safe products

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