The destocking speed of the hottest glass industry

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The de stocking speed of the glass industry is slow, the industry demand is weak

investment suggestions

1 send this signal to the computer. In this round of decline cycle, the adjustment time of the glass industry is long and the range is large: the glass price has been adjusted since November 2010. The process is below: the refrigerant has been adiabatically tightened to a higher pressure by the compressor, and the price has fluctuated at the bottom in the past two quarters, and the whole industry has lost money for four consecutive months, The industry has been at the bottom; However, the inventory level of the industry is still high, and the de stocking speed is slow this time. At the level of weak industry demand and high inventory, the industry profit is expected to still fluctuate in the bottom area

2. The uncertain factor of the industry at the current time point is not the risk of poor performance (this should have been expected), but when the next round of real estate investment cycle can restart. With the continuous recovery of real estate sales, we have noticed some recovery in the land market recently. Later, we will focus on the changes in new construction

3. We maintain the "hold" rating of the industry, and the bottom of the industry is clear. It has improved in the second quarter compared with the first quarter, and gradually increased to the standard configuration. For specific varieties, it is suggested to pay attention to CSG a, Qibin group and Luoyang Glass. Zhonghua glass () Department

carefully screw the condenser group under the stage up (or down)

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