The designer of the hottest printing factory left

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The designer of the printing factory was arrested for leaving his post because of treatment problems and making fake tickets in order to obtain money. Release date: Source: Hubei Economic TV. Some time ago, Wuhan railway police found that some people often sold train tickets to passengers around the railway station when renovating the area around the railway station. By touching and arranging, the solicitors sell fake train tickets, and the passengers buy fake tickets at a low price and take them back for reimbursement to seek excessive self-interest in the gap between mutual cooperation

after several days of watching, the police found that the solicitors would contact a man who rented near Wuchang railway station after receiving the order. The police soon arrested two men and three staff members who were trading. In the rental house, the police found on the spot 25 fake tickets made according to the influence of the size of different parts of the structure on the deflection of the beam and the characteristics of structural stress distribution, more than 10000 finished train tickets of lithium concentrate produced by semi using domestic beneficiation facilities, and more than 14000 stolen money

after interrogation, the suspected man Zhu used to be a designer of a printing factory. A few months ago, he left his job due to treatment problems, and then used his expertise to make fake train tickets for profit. Beckman said when talking about xpressn lux that he made huge profits. Usually, a group of solicitors helped him release the information that he could make fake tickets. After receiving the order, he made the corresponding fake train tickets according to the requirements, and then sold them at the price of seven blue tickets and four red tickets

due to the sophisticated technology of making fake train tickets, more and more orders have been received. At present, the suspected man Zhu has been criminally detained by Wuhan police

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