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Zhan Chunxin's "internationalization concept"

Guide: everyone has his own dream, and my dream is to build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster and an aircraft carrier leading China's construction machinery industry! Zhan Chunxin has shown his heart more than once, and he found out in repeated thinking that his dream

"everyone has his own dream, and my dream is to build Zoomlion group into an international construction machinery industry cluster and an 'aircraft carrier' leading China's construction machinery industry!" Zhan Chunxin has expressed his thoughts more than once, and he found that "internationalization" is the most difficult of all the keywords related to his dream

a sudden snow disaster somewhat disrupted some production plans of Zoomlion (000157), but it did not seem to affect people's expectations for its 2008 performance

in the low tide of market turbulence, investors' pursuit of this sector remains the same. Perhaps, as predicted by some securities analysts, the reconstruction after the snow disaster will drive the demand for construction machinery products such as loaders, truck cranes, graders and bulldozers, "With the recovery of engineering construction after the snow disaster, the industry will usher in a sales peak in March. This will drive time to carry out fatigue experiments"

"I think the industry situation in 2008 is not much different from that in 2007. The characteristics of last year are that the beginning of the year was particularly good, and the end of the year was average. However, there will be a relatively average development in 2008, which is about the same as the growth rate of the previous year from the perspective of the whole market." As the chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, Zhan Chunxin also felt the weight of the burden on his shoulders. "However, I think this battle will be difficult this year, so we can't just guard the market at home. The most important work of Zoomlion in 2008 is to promote internationalization."

attractive "internationalization party"

at present, the internationalization direction of Zoomlion has become more and more clear

"this is the general trend", Zhan Chunxin said slowly, "I predict that there will be a serious overcapacity situation in the domestic market in 2010. On the one hand, in recent years, the investment in national capital construction has driven domestic demand, the construction machinery market has been growing, and the stock market is also very good, so most listed companies financing to carry out technological transformation, and the scale of technological transformation is relatively large. Now the expansion of this plate has not shown the improvement of the overall level after technological transformation. Once several short boards are quickly supplemented and run in, the capacity will be fast Fast growth, and the result is that production capacity is greater than market growth. "

indeed, it's good to enjoy the cool under the big tree. In the boom years of the industry, the life of construction machinery enterprises seems to be very moist, but Zhan Chunxin has always been vigilant, "this market will be a barrier by 2010", he said, "the domestic market is only so large, the growth is limited, and impetuous mentality and blind expansion are absolutely impossible." As Zhan Chunxin said, many construction machinery enterprises have this problem. For example, Zoomlion has a 3500 Mu Industrial Park, and some manufacturers have expanded their production capacity more surprisingly. Factories have been set up across the country, and foreign enterprises have also reached the city. "On the other hand, employees are also expanding rapidly. At present, there are at least three factories with more than 20000 people in the construction machinery industry. Now the market is good enough to support these, but what about the future?"

an industry analyst shared his concern about the future competition pattern. "For the potential overcapacity problem in the construction machinery industry, market diversification is an important way to alleviate this pressure, and the huge capacity release needs to find exports in internationalization."

Zhan Chunxin had to step up his preaching for the imminent "international transaction differentiation", He said "If construction machinery enterprises don't go out, they will wait for their eyes to be wide open in 2010. When foreigners come in, we will go to their hometown. Whoever does well in the international market in the future will be the boss, and it will be suffocated just by staying in the Chinese market. The development of machine tools, port machinery and other promising industries has provided us with lessons from the past. In terms of enterprise competitiveness, compared with multinational enterprises that succeed with refined management What we need is market pull, which is not a real improvement. " Speaking of this, Zhan Chunxin frowned again

"as Zoomlion, we will keep moving forward. In addition to the continuous refueling of China's marketing department, we have also established a separate overseas marketing department, and internationalization is handled by me personally. If the export of Zoomlion's products reaches 40%, we can have a place in the world." In fact, as early as 2006, Zoomlion had some data frames for internationalization when it released the "nuclear fission" strategy, and put forward the "internationalization goal of realizing 40% of its products sold to overseas markets with its own brands in a year"

in terms of time, Zhan Chunxin believes that it is at the right time for Zoomlion to go global, "an enterprise from the age of 10 to 15, like human growth, should be truly wonderful after adulthood. When you grow up, you should dare to fight in the international market and consider yourself."

in any case, Zoomlion is on the verge of success. After all, this attractive "internationalization party" should not be missed

Zhan's "internationalization theory"

in a sense, Zhan Chunxin has become a true believer in internationalization and has a unique interpretation of it

there are onehundred Hamlets in onehundred people's hearts, and there may be thousands of "internationalization" in onehundred people's hearts. This topic that Zhan Chunxin has been thinking about for many years seems to never be finalized, just as a manager who is good at international operation said, "This kind of experience cannot be copied, and there is no fixed model. It can only be explored by enterprises themselves, and then tested in practice. After all, every country, different enterprises and different products have their own characteristics."

in fact, when Zhan Chunxin entered the 17th CPC National Congress with his "Blue Dream", his "internationalization concept" had begun to take shape. Now, after months of precipitation, this theory has been enriched again

"I have such a view that the Chinese market and foreign markets have no borders, and in a borderless earth, we are facing the competition of globalization; second, when we do not grasp the key lesson of globalization and internationalization, globalization brings participants benefits without borders, and the damage is even borderless."

he admitted that many people think globalization is quite simple. Buying a piece of land, building a factory or finding an agent is actually a big article. Internationalization in Zhan Chunxin's eyes includes two elements, "First of all, I need to have teams from five continents, such as Goldman Sachs, whose global teams are basically localized. If one day when we open the annual meeting, the black, white and yellow skin squares are full, I think the first step of Zoomlion's internationalization will be completed. Second, integrate technical resources, market resources and human resources. If the world resources can be integrated, the world is yours and you are also the world."

"when I have something to do 24 hours a day, I am a real international enterprise." Zhan Chunxin showed a rare smile when talking about his vision

however, this idea must need systematic and huge support, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced. "We must think carefully about how we should go out, and only when we have a good lesson can we go well. In 2009 and 2010, we may find a way, because I have been thinking about these issues."

in Zhan Chunxin's theory, one's own conditions and abilities are necessary, which can be divided into four points. Product quality is undoubtedly the most basic thing. The second is to have the awareness of creating a world-class brand, because brand is equal to franchise, and Chinese enterprises must do things according to the international common practice; The third is the market's ability to respond quickly. "The rapid response ability to serve users cultivated in the Chinese market is our advantage, and the problem is how to transplant it abroad." The fourth is the mind of mergers and acquisitions, "it is not enough to just buy land and build factories. We can win by acquiring some second - and third tier brands, using their distribution channels and brands, plus our own rapid response ability."

"if we are short of anything, it is time. If you give me enough time, I can do as well as foreigners." Zhan Chunxin said that the reason why he is keen to acquire enterprises and tap potential in China is precisely because this accumulation of enterprises is irreplaceable. "Foreign enterprises have experienced accumulation in all aspects for many years, and we have been in a hurry. Like cutting wheat, many things have been missed in order to get ahead. The gap is time, but time can't give you, so we must find other ways. Mergers and acquisitions is a shortcut. When we bid to buy enterprises, how and who will manage them is also a test of the brain of mergers and acquisitions."

heroes think alike. Zhan Chunxin's view on mergers and acquisitions is Philip? Kotler also found support in his view. The marketing master believes that for Chinese enterprises, the best way to go global is to acquire second and third tier enterprises

indeed, Chinese players are still far away from world players, and naturally cannot shake the roots of the world's top enterprises, but Zhan Chunxin does not believe this evil, "foreigners can buy China's best enterprises to occupy the market; and Chinese enterprises can also buy them. Maybe one day we can really buy those first-class enterprises. If we have this courage, at least my way of thinking is going this way."

"it can be said that we still have opportunities," Zhan Chunxin firmly believes that, first of all, Chinese products have their own competitiveness in the world; Now the time to go out is also good. "I always tell you that resources are the world's, and the world is tilted. It is tilted to emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia. We must seize this opportunity." In this regard, he also quoted an analysis, "many economists analyze the three waves. We are now in the middle of the second wave, and the development of emerging markets is heating up. Goldman Sachs has an estimate that the output value of emerging markets will account for half of the world in 2030, compared with 24% last year."

merger and acquisition weight

Zoomlion, which is famous for mergers and acquisitions in China's construction machinery industry, can be called the "Chinese version" of Terex, which started with mergers and acquisitions

from the acquisition and merger of British baolujie (the first overseas acquisition of China's construction machinery), the merger of Hunan Machine Tool Plant, the reorganization of Puyuan group, the leader of truck cranes, to the inverted acquisition of the winning industry by "son and mother", a series of mergers and acquisitions around "highlighting the main business and enhancing the core competitiveness" have been staged in the growth process of Zoomlion

Zoomlion, which has experienced several heavy capital operations, has quickly completed the adjustment of industrial structure, and today's achievements are even more remarkable. "In general, a series of capital operations of Zoomlion are very good. It can be said that the current acquisition in China is the most appropriate, with a very low cost."

on January 22, Zoomlion announced a supplementary performance forecast for 2007. The report said that the net profit of Zoomlion in 2007 increased by 150% - 200% compared with the same period of the previous year. The specific data will be disclosed in detail in the 2007 annual report. And according to

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