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Zhai Xiaoqiang: both a challenge and a brave man

CCTV's large inspirational program "challenge impossible" showed another unique skill, "flying master" XCMG skid steer loader staged a thrilling air domineering "crossing the natural moat", the perfect combination of parallel bars, rollers and vehicles, flying force, step by step startling, with the ultimate ability of precise control, he crossed this 22 meter air track perfectly, and successfully boarded the hall of honor, with thunderous applause and cheers

Zhai Xiaoqiang: both a challenge and a brave man

this CCTV director called it a challenger comparable to the Guinness world record. It was Zhai Xiaoqiang who led us to appreciate the extreme bloom of ordinary life in difficult challenges under the eyes of hundreds of millions of viewers across the country. But he was also such an ordinary new product testing engineer of XCMG, with the never shrink and ingenuity inheritance that was born and deeply branded in the rise of XCMG

from one height to another

this is the first extreme challenge to the balance ability of the whole machine. XCMG's 1200k loader, which can carry the best, lifts the skid steer loader to a height of 5 meters, rolls over a 22 meter long roller with a diameter of about 1 meter, and the spacing transitions from 2.1 meters to a 0.8 meter wide and narrow track, so as to ensure that the roller does not deviate from the opposite high-altitude platform. There is no case of this utopian design idea at home and abroad, and it is the first time for the high air, let alone the roller. Without forewarning, we can see the great pressure. Although the xc760k skid steer loader, one of the "smart guards", is of high quality and exquisite, it is necessary to innovate and break the shackles at this time in terms of air starting, high-altitude stiffness and overall balance

challenge the scene

be loyal, seek to win and live up to your mission. Zhai Xiaoqiang received the notice of the project in August and worked hard to prepare for it. He stood on the CCTV stage and was in the spotlight. Along the way, there were too many unknown difficulties and bitterness. He forgot to eat and sleep and stayed up all night. He tried his best to restrain his emotions in anxiety and strengthened his accumulated experience and ability in XCMG's platform for 14 years. He began to tilt forward and backward, and then stayed for 5 minutes or 10 minutes until he crossed perfectly and won the "full house". During this period, he never rested and gave up too many opportunities to accompany his family. His son is ten years old. He is glad that his son is very sensible and young, but he supports his father's work like his wife and parents s0.003. He has learned that his father is tired day after day and washes his father's feet every day. He has deeply realized that his father's oil stains stem from his father's deep love for this job

see XCMG ordinary industrial workers honing in the ultimate bloom

it has been 14 years since I joined XCMG at the age of 20 from my first heart to my sincere heart. Over the past 14 years, Zhai Xiaoqiang has performed excellently in many projects, and he has never flinched in the face of difficulties and challenges. Dating back to the autumn of 2012, a customer in Hebei was faced with an extreme construction, which was to operate on the edge of a 20 meter high cliff. No local machine operator dared to undertake this task. The business department sent Zhai Xiaoqiang to rush there. In the whole process, Zhai Xiaoqiang, as an operator, showed superb technical level and stable psychological quality in driving XCMG loader. With the precise operation of the product and excellent courage, without any protection, he drove the XCMG loader to the edge of a cliff 20 meters deep, fully extended the digging arm to the extreme depth and constructed it, successfully completed the task and won the unanimous praise of customers

in 2015, in order to get first-hand data in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Zhai Xiaoqiang drove a zl50gv loader to conduct a plateau performance test at an altitude of 4000 meters. In the face of altitude reactions such as hypoxia, low temperature, Blizzard and other harsh environments, Zhai Xiaoqiang did not flinch at all. He installed test instruments at minus 40 degrees. Each instrument weighed more than 50 kilograms, and he was sweating in a few minutes. Finally, Zhai Xiaoqiang lived up to his trust and provided the most detailed technical parameters for the technicians. The current XCMG lw1200k loader can work in the Arctic at minus 60 degrees, which benefits from this

from a platform to a stage

people who can be called craftsmen rely on the inheritance and study of technology, and their dedication and determination to work. Zhai Xiaoqiang is a XCMG craftsman who is a front-line, studious, and strives for perfection and perfection in ordinary positions. Collecting parameters of heat balance is the most common and basic work in daily work. Once, Zhai Xiaoqiang found that the water temperature of a loader that can only be used by "technological innovation" increased abnormally in the test of new products. He carefully examined and recorded the reference data as the cause of abnormal points one by one. Other testers may not be a problem if they do not affect the use, but at the same time, he carefully considered the user environment Temperature difference Wobbe said: "We hope to enter the field of more specialized production devices and system integration, and investigate the reasons. According to the usual thinking, there are few water, blocked pipelines, insufficient engine heat dissipation capacity, etc. all of them are eliminated one by one, and there are no abnormalities. It is his firm belief that the departure time is not much, but only qualified inspection can be mass production, so he consciously worked overtime for analysis, and finally found out an unnoticed point. The paint film at the supplier's grounding point was not handled Cause the grounding function to decline. It is with the persistence and dedication of this craftsman that the problem of abnormal water temperature has been solved

Zhai Xiaoqiang in his work

up to today, Zhai Xiaoqiang said that XCMG has always been a strong strategic rear for him all the way. He especially thanked XCMG for the opportunity to step on the stage and the full guarantee of XCMG team and business department leaders. He was more grateful for the selfless dedication of his family. Thinking of his young and sensible son, he was a little silent and couldn't help but have a sour nose, but he was also deeply honored to give his son an example of daring to overcome himself

"you are an epitome of thousands of ordinary industrial workers. Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of rejuvenating the country and the tool of strengthening the country. China can't become a manufacturing power from a manufacturing power without the efforts and efforts of thousands of ordinary workers like Zhai Xiaoqiang." CCTV host Dong Qing commented after Zhai Xiaoqiang's successful challenge

integrate loyalty into the blood and hold the mission above your head. Zhai Xiaoqiang is blooming with the most beautiful youth with his dedication and obsession with XCMG's cause. With the extreme challenges that attract the attention of the public, he shows the country's important weapon XCMG's resolute and courageous action and courage to rise in the face of difficulties, the ability to take risks, turn the impossible into possible, and the ability to pave a natural moat and rush to the top of the world's construction machinery

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