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Zhanboluo launched a new wi

further expanded access point combination, so that more enterprises can use mist AI and cloud, achieve the best user experience and maximize cost savings with proven aiops

Beijing, China, August 27, 2020 -- zhanboluo (nyse:jnpr), a leading network manufacturer providing security and AI drive, announced today that it will launch four new wireless access points, The advantages of AI driven Wi Fi 6 can be extended to more vertical fields and application scenarios. These new hardware products are driven by mist AI and run through zhanboluo's award-winning cloud services? All the advantages of AI driven enterprise solutions bring more types of users, such as small enterprises that pay attention to cost, extreme weather environments (line wear = original size of samples - size after wear, such as outdoor scenes), places with unique appearance specifications (such as dormitories) and enterprises that need to meet the surge in the number of remote offices. As a result, companies of all sizes, from stores and campuses to homes and hospitals, with different deployment requirements, can use zhanboluo mist wireless solutions to make full use of its smart insight, automation, performance advantages and measures

in order to further enrich the existing zhanboluo access point series driven by mist AI, zhanboluo launched 802.11ax (Wi Fi 6) access point products, specifically including:

ap63: equipped with virtual low-power Bluetooth antenna array, Wi Fi 6 outdoor access point with high performance, which can provide Wi Fi and location services outdoors and in extremely harsh environments

ap33: a high-performance Wi Fi 6 access point equipped with an integrated virtual low-power Bluetooth antenna array supports Wi Fi and location services, which can meet the needs of medium density Wi Fi and accurate location services. It is most suitable for small business offices, retail places, primary and secondary schools and medical clinics

ap32: high performance Wi Fi 6 access point equipped with integrated omni-directional low-power Bluetooth antenna, supporting Wi Fi and basic asset visibility location services in cost sensitive environments. It is most suitable for those who do not require advanced positioning services. The research focus at home and abroad mainly focuses on improving the processing technology and improving the mechanical properties of materials. Office workers, small enterprise offices and primary and secondary schools

ap12: compact wall panel Wi Fi 6 access point, which is convenient and flexible to deploy and can connect multiple devices. It is most suitable for home office, telecommuting staff, school dormitory and hotel room environment

the new product launched this time has undertaken the star product of zhanboluo mist flagship Wi Fi 6 access. It can be said that ap43 has achieved great success with thousands of favorites. As one of the first cloud managed Wi Fi 6 access points that integrates AI driven automation and insight, simplicity of operation and other features, zhanboluo access point product portfolio simplifies Wi Fi 6 operation and delivers unique AI for Ax series functions, including intelligent load balancing between radio/frequency bands, monitoring and performing orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) subcarrier allocation service level, basic service set (BSS) color allocation in high-density Wi Fi environment Sticky client prevention and advanced radio resource management (RRM) services using AI driven algorithms

zhanboluo access point is deployed in collaboration with zhanboluo mist Wi Fi assurance cloud service, which can realize concise and scalable aiops, including automatic WLAN configuration, service level expectation (SLE), fault isolation, anomaly detection and dynamic packet capture (dpcap). Marvis virtual network assistant (VNA) is an optional additional cloud service, which can interactively detect network and user behavior, predetermined measures and AI driven operations. All zhanboluo mist products contain AI driven support, including active notification, automated workflow and flat TAC level, so as to solve problems faster and reduce trouble

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the newly launched Wi Fi 6 access point allows more zhanboluo customers to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence enterprise solutions. Now, customers who are very cost sensitive, such as small businesses, university dormitories, retail stores, primary and secondary schools and outdoor environments, can also obtain automation and insight services. In addition, we also rely on cost-effective prices to closely combine world-class wireless functions with zhanboluo Wan assurance, Marvis virtual network assistant and security products, further enrich the AI driven enterprise @ home solutions, and help users get the best experience on both the client and the cloud

-sudheer Matta. The new product portfolio of zhanboluo vice president of products

is particularly suitable for the needs of our school district. Under the influence of the COVID-19 and distance learning, we are required to quickly improve our communication methods, and ap12 can solve many of our current problems and provide simple operations for remote office workers who rely on reliable network connections to complete their work. I think ap63 also has great application potential, which can extend our existing AI driven network to major outdoor places

-steve mitzel, it director of Ashland school district

about zhanboluo

zhanboluo is committed to challenging the complexity of network connectivity and security in the cloudy era. This is achieved through products, solutions and services that change the way we interact, work and live. We have simplified the process of migrating to a secure and automated multi cloud environment to provide a secure, AI driven network that connects the world

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