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ZF technology day comes from Germany's "black technology"

on June 30, ZF group (ZF) 2016 technology exchange day kicked off in Aachen, Germany, and experienced ZF's latest innovative technology in the field of commercial vehicles from a zero distance. On June 30, the 2016 technology exchange day of ZF group (ZF) kicked off in Aachen, Germany, and experienced the latest innovative technology of ZF in the field of commercial vehicles from a zero distance

safety technology of observation, thinking and action innovation

what is the future development trend of the commercial vehicle industry

every enterprise may have its own answer to this question. In ZF's view, automation, interconnection, safety and electrification are the global trends in the transportation industry. Based on this judgment, ZF has set the trinity of observation, thinking and action as the guiding program for the development of the company, and has also integrated these three elements into our technological innovation. Only we have a certain understanding of it. Peterlake, member of ZF's Management Committee and head of the group's market, said in his speech

in the past year, ZF has mastered almost all the key technologies of automatic driving through the acquisition of Trinasolar, so that the 2016 ZF innovative truck developed with the goal of zero traffic accident (visionzero) displayed in this event has the ability to observe, think and act. It uses sensors in three dimensions to identify the surrounding environment, and a sophisticated electronic brain to process data The commercial vehicle auxiliary system formed by the advanced electric drive and steering system executing instructions can realize the vehicle to actively maintain the lane while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and realize semi-automatic steering when avoiding maneuvering in dangerous situations, which greatly improves the driving safety of vehicle electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, fatigue testing machine and other mechanical performance testing equipment

on the day of the event, ZF showed the avoidance action assistance technology (EMA) jointly developed by ZF and WABCO. When obstacles appear in front of the road and the driver does not take braking or steering operations, it can automatically slow down the towed trailer while emitting sounds, display warning signals and vibrations. The driver only needs to pull the steering wheel without considering the steering angle and other issues, The vehicle will automatically turn to the adjacent empty lane and stop urgently and smoothly within the stability limit, so as to avoid rear collision or rollover accidents. It is worth mentioning that an SUV equipped with this technology was also tested that day, and the technical demonstration was also perfect

ZF's highway driving assistance technology (HDA) can actively keep the vehicle in the lane, automatically intervene and correct the steering in case of unintentional departure from the lane, and maintain an appropriate and safe distance from the vehicle in front according to the vehicle speed. During the demonstration, when the car in front slows down or stops, the driver does not need to take any actions including braking and steering, and the vehicle can automatically adjust its speed and maintain a safe distance from the car in front

these two technologies almost completely avoid truck accidents, or minimize the risk of drivers and passengers to the greatest extent. Mitjaschulz, vice president and general manager of zftrw commercial steering system, said that this will help us make a big step towards the ultimate goal of zero traffic accidents

saferange automatic movement automation and interconnection improve efficiency

in addition to safety, efficiency is also the pursuit of the transportation field, especially the freight logistics industry. And the saferange autonomous mobility function of ZF 2016 innovative truck equipment can safely and accurately move the truck into the warehouse loading and unloading position, greatly improving the efficiency and safety of truck operation in the warehouse

this technology can be said to be an upgraded version of the technology that ZF exhibited in 2014 to control the reverse warehousing of a trailer through a tablet computer. In the new scheme, the eyes and brain required to automatically move into the loading dock are no longer installed on the truck, but the camera is fixed on the loading dock, and the computer is installed in the warehouse. Through the connection of the truck and the warehouse system, the saferange autonomous mobility function is implemented. This improvement avoids the trouble that each vehicle of the whole trailer fleet needs to be equipped with detection and identification infrastructure, and greatly reduces the installation and use costs

in addition, the saferange autonomous mobility function uses the reax active electric steering system of ZF Trinasolar and the traxon hybrid automatic transmission system, which can operate the truck steering loading and unloading position in the electric mode, so as to achieve local zero emissions. Different from two years ago, the person who operates the system does not need to manually move the vehicle. He only needs to start moving the truck with a tablet computer, and the function will be activated and maintained until the vehicle reaches the designated position. Moreover, the whole system also has high security. As long as there is someone between the trailer and the loading and unloading Bay, even if the command is sent through the tablet computer, the pedestrian detection function will automatically interrupt the moving operation

it is reported that ZF's auxiliary system has been successfully applied to passenger cars, and the innovative truck is the first commercial vehicle to install this system. Moreover, this system has also been transformed to migrate from the field of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to off-road vehicles for tensile, peel and welding strength tests of mechanical and electronic components, pointing out the direction for off-road applications in the future. A ZF innovative tractor on display at the scene is also equipped with a series of cameras that can detect the surrounding environment, so that the vehicle can be moved semi automatically, or the vehicle can be operated outside the driver's cab through mobile devices such as tablet computers, which makes it easier to realize the connection between the tractor and the trailer. The camera with the function of description and recognition also makes the farmland operation safer

electrification and hybrid power commercial vehicles are more automatic and efficient

ZF has also gone a long way in the electrification of commercial vehicles. The potential of commercial vehicle electrification is very large, and hybrid or all electric drive has already become a better alternative in some fields. Fredrikstaedtler, President of ZF's commercial vehicle division, said that many commercial vehicles that are not far away from daily driving distance have long been able to use all electric drive. At present, ZF's two important development directions are all electric drive solutions for urban vehicles with relatively limited mileage and hybrid technology solutions for long-distance transportation vehicles

the latest achievement of ZF in the field of electrification this time is a central all electric drive device, which can realize zero pollution of urban buses and transport trucks. This new driving device can be combined with ordinary axle or portal axle, especially suitable for high floor vehicles such as minibuses and trucks, and becomes a useful supplement to ZF's existing ave130 electric portal axle. It is reported that this product will be put into production in 2018, and the target markets are mainly Asia and Europe

in addition to the pure electric drive, ZF is also committed to improving the efficiency of internal combustion engine transmission, and has developed an 8-gear hydraulic automatic transmission ZF powerline for commercial vehicles, which redefines the efficiency and comfort standards. While significantly reducing fuel consumption, ZF powerline maintains the shift comfort comparable to that of high-end passenger cars, and is also leading the industry in torque quality ratio and compatibility; The ZF ecotronicmid transmission on display at the same time is a convenient and economical automatic shift solution suitable for medium-sized trucks. It will be unveiled at the 2016 Hannover international commercial vehicle show and is expected to start mass production in early 2017

for heavy commercial vehicles, ZF has brought traxon automatic transmission, which can be personalized matched with almost any kind of heavy truck due to its excellent modular design. It is reported that at present, heavy truck manufacturers such as man, Iveco, Ford truck and Foton automobile, and even Liebherr's Cranes use ZF traxon transmission. At the same time, ZF has also developed a traxon hybrid power system based on this. By adding a motor between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox, it can realize the recovery of braking energy, automatic start and stop of the engine and other functions, so as to help the internal combustion engine. Its generator can supply power to other equipment when it is running

in addition, ZF just announced that the automatic start and stop function can be applied to the ZF eco life gearbox of city buses. On the day of the event, we witnessed the practical application of this combination: the two on-site test buses are equipped with this start and stop function, and their fuel saving potential is being tested in road tests. During the test ride, the advantages of ZF EcoLife automatic transmission, such as lower noise emission, better comfort and stronger performance, were also clearly felt

these black technologies are undoubtedly the embodiment of ZF's advantages in self driving, safety and efficiency in the field of commercial vehicles. We are also trying to introduce these innovative technologies and products to the Chinese market. Dr. yeguohong, President of ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China industry news that the potential and prospects of China's commercial vehicle market are very attractive, especially the development of new energy vehicles in China and the upcoming upgrading of emission standards, which are excellent opportunities for ZF with deep technological advantages. In the future, while introducing technology and products, we will strengthen localization to reduce costs and better serve the Chinese market for gaskets and sleeves that should not be placed in irregular patterns

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