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Guangzhou, December 27, the largest welding equipment manufacturer in China settled in Conghua

Guangzhou - the famous domestic welding enterprise "Guangzhou Fenghuo Industrial Co., Ltd." cooperates with Australian eaco company. The above refers to Guangzhou Yigao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is established by conventional products, Conghua Taiping Development Zone Yigao Electrical Industrial Park. 27 has developed and mastered precipitation method, calcination method, extraction method, adsorption method, nanofiltration membrane method Ion exchange membrane method and other technology process paths are on the right day. ② environmental humidity and other factors will also affect the commissioning of the test results

the newly opened Yigao Electric Industrial Park is located in the industrial park of Conghua Taiping Economic Development Zone, which is actively promoting the certification of Mercedes Benz, 1 auto Volkswagen and other mainstream automobile OEMs. It covers an area of 54 mu, with a new garden plant of more than 40000 square meters. It is expected that the new park will increase production capacity by 300% and exports by 50% in the next three years

the successful opening of the industrial park has received the attention of relevant departments such as Guangdong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Guangdong Federation of industry and commerce, Guangzhou Municipal Foreign Economic Commission, Conghua municipal Party committee and government, and Conghua Development Zone Management Committee. It is also supported by Chengdu Welding Research Institute, China Electrical Appliance Industry Association and other industry authorities

it is understood that Guangzhou Yigao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the largest welding equipment manufacturers in China. The company's brand "beacon" is a well-known brand in the domestic welding industry and has an important influence in the domestic welding industry

over the years, the company has always adhered to the principle of scientific and technological innovation and quality first. In response to the call of the state for energy conservation and emission reduction, it has independently developed advanced digital inverter Industrial (Civil) welding equipment with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the energy-saving effect of many series of products produced by the company, such as numerical control inverter gas shielded welding machine and numerical control inverter AC/DC argon arc welding machine, has been confirmed in production practice. Compared with traditional welding machines, the company's products save about 30% of energy consumption

the company's series of welding machines are used in many fields of national production and life in China, including petrochemical industry, bridge rail, shipbuilding, steel structure construction, etc. In 2009, when the country was expanding domestic demand and strengthening infrastructure construction, the company's products were recognized by many large-scale engineering construction due to their outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection performance. For example, bird's nest project, Guangzhou south railway station project, Guangzhou new TV Tower project, Guangzhou metro project, STX shipyard, etc

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