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Welcome the Olympics! Arbor offers special price industrial computers

arbor, the leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computers, has received a warm response from the market and high recognition from our customers with its leading R & D artery and high-quality product performance since its establishment! In order to repay the support and love of new and old customers for arbor, we take advantage of this occasion to welcome the Olympic Games and strongly launch the mainstream configuration industrial computers with special prices and hot sales

"four piece" chassis introduction:

arboriec-822 is a 19 "standard 4U rack mounted all steel chassis, with a 12cm/85cfm fan and replaceable filter. The drive bracket is 3 5.25" (front reading); Three 3.5 "(1 front reading). In terms of control, there are power switches, system reset, etc., as well as power supply and hard disk indicators. In terms of interface, there are 5-pindin keyboard interface and two USB interfaces. The working temperature is 0 ~ 50 ℃. The relative humidity is 10 ~ 95%, @25 ℃, and there is no condensation. The chassis size (width x Height x depth) is 483x177x450mm. The outer box size (width x Height x depth) is 545x300x620mm. Net weight/gross weight: 12.8/15kg.

" four piece set " Introduction to the motherboard:

arborcs-7865a supports intelpentium4socket478cpu, up to 3.2ghz, and supports 400/533/800mhzfsb and HT Technology. Its product range covers various services in the field of chemical products and commercial food products. The chipset adopts intel865gv+intelich5. The system supports dual channel memory, with two 184 pindimm memory sockets on the board, which can support 2gbddrsdram at most; In terms of storage, cs-7865a has two SATA interfaces and two uitradma00ide interfaces (supporting four ide drives); In terms of interface, cs-7865a has two RS232 interfaces (com1/2), one parallel port in spp/epp/ecp mode, six USB2.0 interfaces, two floppy disk drives, one infrared data interface conforming to sirirda1.1, and one ps/2 keyboard/mouse; In terms of audio, it has realtekalc10 to repair the main weight-bearing bones, such as the leg bone 1ac97 decoder, and supports microphone/line in/line out; In terms of display, the display chip is intel865gv high-speed graphics 2 engine, which supports 64mbuma video memory and up to qxga2048x1536 CRT display

"four piece set" backplane introduction:

arborpbpi-14sa has two picmg/4xpci/8xisa slots, with a size of 315.9x253.7mm (12.4 "X10")

"four piece" power supply introduction:

in this special offer, the rated power of the power supply configured by arbor is 300W, and the maximum peak power can reach 400W. In terms of heat dissipation, the power supply adopts a 12cm intelligent temperature control fan, which can provide strong cold air to ensure the heat dissipation of the power supply. At the same time, the large fan blade design also provides a quiet and comfortable working environment for users. Honeycomb cooling holes are used at the back of the power supply, which is not only beautiful, but also ensures smooth ventilation, plays the role of auxiliary heat dissipation, and fully ensures the stable and continuous operation of the system

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about arbor

arbor is a professional manufacturer of embedded applications and network solutions, integrating R & D and production, and has a production plant in Shenzhen. By providing a variety of embedded board and network products in line with industry standards, we have completed countless projects that have been analyzed as successful for our customers. Arbor embedded products can be used by customers in medical equipment, automotive computers, game machines, network communication and storage, digital monitoring, industrial applications and POS logistics control equipment. Arbor's embedded solutions are applicable to all levels of human life, comply with internationally accepted industrial standards and strictly defined quality control processes, and are committed to providing high-quality products to customers

arbor is an embedded and networked computer manufacturing enterprise that has passed the ISO-9001 certification. Through the international VTT plan, the development work tends to the standards of industrial processing and clear production procedures to complete high-quality products. Arbor's products have won the title of "Taiwan boutique Award", which also verifies arbor's efforts and achievements in embedded computers. At the same time, arbor is also a member of Intel embeddedandcommunicationsalliance, which will provide customers with products using the most advanced Intel embedded computer solutions

arbor is based in China and takes a global view to create a convenient digital enterprise and digital life for customers. Wherever customers go, it is the field covered by arbor services

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