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Famous lamps and lanterns are exposed to be unqualified. Hardware enterprises should be cautious about outsourcing. <5. Displacement measurement accuracy: 0.5% indication (regardless of grade throughout the whole process)/p>

recently, Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted quality monitoring on portable general-purpose lamps on the market. After testing, 13 batches of goods were unqualified, among which OSRAM, OPP and other well-known brands also appeared on the blacklist

recently, the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce monitored the quality of portable general-purpose lamps that can coincide with the main needle on the market. After testing, 13 batches of goods were unqualified, among which OSRAM, OPP and other well-known brands also appeared prominently on the blacklist

it is understood that the unqualified products in this lamp quality inspection mainly have four qualified defects: 1 Insertion loss/disturbance voltage is unqualified 2 External wiring and internal wiring (cross-sectional area of external wiring) are unqualified 3 The durability test and thermal test (durability test) are unqualified 4 The structure (stability)/structure (clamping force) is unqualified

OSRAM and OPP lighting, as well-known brands in the lighting industry, have found quality problems, which can not help but attract the attention of most people. It is understood that the root cause of this problem lies in the outsourcing of lamp production. Due to the lack of brands and patented technologies in China's lighting industry, most brands and technologies are in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises, so outsourcing is very common

outsourcing, as a means of efficient management of enterprises, is understandable. Enterprises delegate basic production outsourcing, freeing up more human, material and financial resources to focus on core business research. Outsourcing is a more efficient resource allocation behavior

however, outsourcing also has risks. After business outsourcing, the enterprise's control over its OEM is beyond its reach, and the quality of the products produced is not easy to control. The depression of the industry and the intensification of competition have compressed the profits of the industry. In this case, enterprises are likely to relax regulation due to cost compression

believes that other enterprises in our hardware industry should take warning from the problems found in the quality inspection of lamps and lanterns: when you outsource part of your business equipment, you must not forget to strictly control the quality and must not relax the supervision. Once there is a problem with the OEM products, it will damage the interests of the whole enterprise and the brand, so the gains will not be worth the losses

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