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Wells Fargo Bank: raise the rating of international paper industry to "overweight" target price to $52

release date: Source: Zhitong finance

Wells Fargo Bank raised the rating of international paper industry's conventional electronic omnipotence, which mainly uses servo electromechanical as the power source, from "holding" to "overweight" after the fracture of the sample, and the target price was raised from $38 to $52

Wells Fargo Bank pointed out that the international paper industry has benefited a lot from the increase in household food consumption and the acceleration of the use of door-to-door delivery in the field of industrial packaging (including takeout and FMCG). In addition, factors such as the shortage of inventory deformation units mm, cm, inch, overstocked orders and the possibility of potential input costs rising by 2021 paved the way for the rise in the price of paperboard of $40-50 per ton

Wells Fargo also plans to carry out a series of upward revisions to the company's profit expectations, driven by favorable price dynamics and improved machine utilization

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