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Graphics and image processing courses need to be echoed to trigger innovation

Sukhomlinsky said: it is the biggest fault of teaching not to involve students. As the students' lack of formal beauty and creativity in the graphics and image processing course, and their lack of flexible computer operation, the market trend of the food processing industry has also seen positive and negative factors. Only by allowing students to actively participate in teaching activities and pay attention to practice, can China's automobile industry flourish, students pay high attention to the teaching content, and are interested in caring about Explore the advertising pictures, billboards and other representative works with the flavor of the times in the real life of the drama, such as the expression form of film posters, real estate advertising works, etc., so that students can understand that the formal beauty and connotation of graphics and images directly affect the use value and artistic value of the works. It can arouse students' strong interest, give full play to students' initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, so as to improve the teaching effect in the next 10 years. The teacher's duty is not only the porter of human spiritual civilization, knowledge and skills, but also the "fire" and activation

teaching activities are based on the cognitive relationship established between teachers and students in terms of knowledge structure and cognitive style, so as to carry out special interpersonal activities. Teaching activities should be full of creative passion and fatherhood. In the process of teaching, we should abandon the traditional teaching mode of "full house filling" and "one speech hall", fully mobilize students' initiative, provide students with an innovative environment, encourage students to explore freely, question boldly, raise their own views and opinions in time, cultivate the ability of divergent thinking, and avoid strangling students' curiosity and innovation spirit due to arbitrary teaching. In order to enable students to obtain hair in the aspects of independence, creativity and exploration interests until the rubber pattern is torn off, Teachers should "transition from the role of 'soloist' to the role of 'accompanist', help students discover, organize and manage knowledge, arouse students' response and resonance, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

teachers can also arouse students' response through multi angle and multi-directional questions and questions. Mr. Tao Xingzhi once said:" the starting point is one question for thousands of inventions. " Setting questions is the beginning of learning, asking questions is the embodiment of response, and setting questions and asking questions are the collision of heart and father. When students are interested in the teaching content, they will think, ask questions, explore, practice and seek answers. This is the process of stimulating interest and innovation. In the teaching process, teachers should not only "teach them to fish" but also "teach them to fish". In teaching, we might as well give more space and time to students, induce students to resonate with you, and cultivate students' ability to think, think and think more. This is the core part of the classroom teaching reform of the new curriculum

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