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The color management that graphic designers need to master (Part 2)

environmental light source

environmental light source mainly refers to the light of our working environment (Office), which affects the color of our articles, that is, the color effect of our printed matter and photos. Poor light (too bright, too dark, too cold, too warm) will make the observed color change greatly

the standard color temperature of the light source in the printing industry is D65, which is 6500k. The illumination is 2000lux, and the color rendering index (CRI) should be greater than 90. These figures sound troublesome, but the truth is simple

color temperature, I believe we all know better, is the temperature feeling of light. The higher the color temperature, the colder the temperature. 6500k is a relatively warm color temperature, which is basically equivalent to the temperature of the afternoon sun

illuminance is the illumination degree, which can be understood as the light intensity. This is difficult to detect and needs to be detected with an illuminance meter

color rendering index, we can turn on the light and shine it on our palm. The palm looks ruddy and bloody, indicating that the color rendering index of this product is high. Similarly, if the palm looks blue and there is no blood, the color rendering index is low

the above indexes need to be detected by primary illuminance meter and colorimeter

unless you need to light the whole office room according to this standard (the price is very expensive, so you can ask professionals to detect and install lighting equipment), you don't need to know so much. You only need to prepare a standard light source color matching light box, whose color temperature, illumination and color rendering index are adjusted, and you can use it directly

there are many kinds of color matching light boxes, large, medium and portable

2 The verification method designer can't use it. You can see it in the printing factory. The color viewing workbench placed in front of the printing machine is a large standard light source

most of the medium-sized ones are multi light sources, basically including D65, D50 and UV fluorescent tubes

portable ones are all single light sources, but most of them are D50 light sources, and D60 light sources should be carefully searched

the price of standard light source color matching light box varies greatly, the most expensive is tens of thousands of yuan, and the cheap portable "1025" period is only more than 1000 yuan. You recommend GretagMacbeth, which is produced by Shanghai Huali. The picture shows that all the color matching light boxes of Shanghai Huali are selected

you can choose according to the strength of the company and the accuracy of the color requirements

with the standard light source color matching light box, you can put it in the light box when you look at the color of the printed matter in the future. Observe the color in the national standard to see if there is color deviation. Compare the difference between the printed matter and the screen display to see if the color is consistent (after reading our article and following the requirements, you can ensure the basic consistency)

supplement to ambient light sources

we have standard light sources, but we should also pay attention to several problems. One is the color of office walls, and the other is the color of clothes during daily work. Many people will say: this -- also -- tube -- is too -- wide -- right!! Don't worry, let's say one by one ~

it's better to use neutral grey on the office wall. Don't explain what neutral grey is! In order to make the decoration look cool, many advertising companies now choose to directly use the cement wall, which is a good neutral gray (in Wangjing 798 factory, when the friction coefficient of the bearing surface decreases by 20%, the advertising companies directly use the factory wall, which saves money and effort and meets the standard)! Pure black and white walls can also be used, but the most taboo is to use bright red walls, fruit green walls, or yellow or blue

when you work in these brightly colored rooms, all other colors you see tend to be complementary to the wall color, so you can't see the color at all (we've seen a lot of such companies, my God ~ ~ it's so exciting ~ ~)

the same is true for the color of clothes. Too bright clothing color will also affect our observation of other colors. After all, designers depend on the sensitivity of their eyes, and our eyes are easily affected by the environmental color. Therefore, I hope you can treat the office environment and work clothes simply, ha ha

it is also important to remind designers that people with myopia should not choose glasses with anti radiation film (or polarized glasses) when wearing glasses. These glasses have different colors, either yellow or blue. You may not feel much when wearing these glasses, because our eyes have good adaptability. But in fact, there is a big deviation when you observe the color. You can put your glasses on white paper to observe the forming shrinkage: 0.3-0.8% to see if your glasses are biased

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