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Grafotronic has developed a high-speed half wheel die cutting module

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core tip: grafotronic has developed a gigafast half wheel die cutting module for the post-processing of digital printed labels. Its production speed is controlled at about 5% and the inflation rate in Turkey reaches 160m/min

[China Packaging News] grafotronic has developed gigafast semi rotary die cutting module for post-processing of digital printed labels, with a production speed of 160m/min

this equipment will be launched on Labelexpo Europe 2017. This internationally patented gigafast is a module in the fully modular dcl2 post-processing production line. It can also be used as an option for equipment refurbishment. The equipment has received its first order and is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2018

at Labelexpo Europe 2017, grafotronics paid close attention to digital technology to support post press processing by adopting high-yield composite production technology to realize utilization and development. The company will exhibit five different models of equipment in this respect at the exhibition

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