The hottest graphite epoxy engine is NMD ignition

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Graphite epoxy engine is NMD "ignition"

graphite epoxy engine is NMD "ignition"


according to Jane's missile and rocket, the aircraft engine company of ATK company of the United States has successfully completed a static ignition test for the solid propellant rocket engine of the ground-based interceptor missile. The engine is the thrust reversing type of graphite epoxy engine (GEM) 40

it is reported that ATK company provides this service for the rocket system of the national missile defense (NMD) program of the United States. The rocket engine is developed by Boeing, the main contractor of the NMD program. It will be the first to formulate the investment guide for the technological transformation of key industries for the three-stage NMD ground-based interceptor missile. With its light weight and high strength, carbon fiber composite has become a material pusher with great development potential for light structural parts in the automotive industry

this test run completed the development and evaluation stage of engine and nozzle. The next mission is the final test of this thrust vector control system, which must be completed before the flight qualification of the whole engine. ATK estimates that if the NMD plan continues, the total sales of solid and low crystallinity engines will exceed 200million US dollars in the next eight years

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