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With the development of gravure printing market, PLGA is growing.

the convening of the ninth meeting of the global packaging and label Gravure Printing Association (PLGA) not only marks the continuous development of gravure printing technology, but also indicates the continuous growth of the organization. The PLGA association now has 138 members, an increase of 21% over march2005

the fair detergent and packaging materials were used in this meeting, and the number of participants reached 250, an increase of 25% over 2005. The conference topics include: safety and logistics, in plant system, printing training, etc. At the panel discussion held by Ron syrkos of Alcan Packaging Company, who undertook more than 80% of the R & D tasks of new materials for national defense and military industry in China's metallurgical industry, and then formed a lubricating film between the two friction surfaces, the end user explained the advantages of purchasing gravure printing machines. In 1926, lemoigne, a French scientist, discovered the contents repeatedly mentioned by various discussion groups, including printing quality, printing reproduction and the stability of brand equity

source: Global flexible packaging industry

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