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Xiaocaoji: 40 stories about people with temperature

xiaocaoji: 40 stories about people with temperature

China Construction Machinery Information, Many visitors from home and abroad come in an endless stream and praise, which makes every R & D personnel have a deep memory. In 2012, the industry's first three arm rock drilling jumbo was rolled off the assembly line of XCMG and put on the market. As the first domestic brand to develop and manufacture three arm rock drilling jumbo, after years of market inspection, XCMG's products have gained a good reputation among customers for their safe, efficient and stable performance. Behind all these halos, there is a R & D and technical team that always adheres to ingenuity to build dreams and keep improving

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tz3s is a new generation product. Market research is indispensable for innovation and upgrading on the basis of existing product technology. After receiving the task of market research, the research group composed of chenbaolei, liangfengyuan, zhaojiandong and Niu Yong immediately held a meeting. The main topics were where to research and what the research focus was. After intense discussion and a large amount of information collection, it was finally locked in a construction site near Juhua village, Lishui, Zhejiang Province, where a tunnel using a foreign brand of rock drilling jumbo was under construction

the source of information is unknown, whether the project has been completed is unknown, and the user information is unknown... There are more methods than difficulties. With the "one track" spirit of worker Xu, the research team immediately set off. Chrysanthemum village is located in the deep mountains, and the traffic is extremely inconvenient. The research team rode the rented electric car and bumped along the mountain road. When they couldn't find the way, they asked around. In this way, four hours later, the construction tunnel was finally found. At this moment, the day was getting dark and the electric power of the tram was exhausted

in order to understand the user's requirements for product parameters and construction methods in detail, the construction party was finally moved after patient coordination. It not only agreed to enter the construction tunnel, but also arranged professional personnel to accompany and explain, and provided lighting equipment. The researchers did their own duties without any tiredness. They were nervous and orderly. They checked the landform, collected rock samples and understood the needs of users. After five hours of full investigation, they laid a solid foundation for later product design and technical research

the rod adding system of tz3s three arm rock drilling jumbo is a customized device to meet the special needs of users. On the eve of Shanghai BMW exhibition, it was found that the machining accuracy of the inner hole of the mounting base was not enough during the product test, resulting in accelerated wear of precision parts, reduced service life, and the inner hole of the finished parts was incomplete, so the general equipment could not realize secondary processing. At this time, the scheduled departure time is less than 10 days. If it is reprocessed, the departure time will be delayed

the mounting base is an optional part, which has little impact on the host. It is proposed that it can be replaced and improved in subsequent production. Immediately, this proposal was opposed by zhouzhongshang, the team leader. "The processing accuracy of an option can not be guaranteed. It is too wasteful for users. How can we guarantee the performance of the whole product and win the trust of customers?" Two days later, through unremitting efforts, the technical team finally found a special processing equipment, which could complete the secondary processing, and the mounting seat was repaired in time, which ensured the perfect display of tz3s three arm rock drilling jumbo in Shanghai BMW exhibition

the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. After two years of unremitting efforts, the R & D team of tz3s rock drilling jumbo has deeply integrated technological innovation with the needs of customers, made breakthroughs one after another, and was fully affirmed by customers. In the future, they will continue to practice the product concept of "leading technology, indestructible use, and making handicrafts", and continue to optimize and improve with emotion and strength, so as to help XCMG develop with high quality

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