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On November 1, the Government hosted a private enterprise Symposium and delivered an important speech, stressing the need to unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy, support the development of private enterprises and move towards a broader stage. Over the past month, * * has once again clarified its position and policies on supporting the development of private economy

it is pointed out that over the past 40 years, China's private economy has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has become an indispensable force to promote China's development. It has become the main field of entrepreneurship and employment. Technological innovation. On the 18th, the dry bulk shipping market rebounded strongly. The next step is to study new situations and problems in the market environment, an important subject of new problems, and an important source of national tax revenue, which will provide a basis for the development of China's socialist market economy, the transformation of government functions The transfer of surplus rural labor and the development of international markets have played an important role. China's economic development can create a Chinese miracle, and the private economy has contributed a lot

the enterprises in the LED display industry are pure "grassroots" enterprises and pure private enterprises. The content of this private enterprise symposium is undoubtedly closely related to the enterprises in the LED display 7. Control experiment mode: computer automatic control experiment process industry. In recent years, the development of LED display industry is really inseparable from the government's strong support, especially the government's support for integrated circuit and other industries continued to increase in the early stage

in particular, the "ZTE incident" some time ago has exposed the attribute of "lack of core and soul" of domestic enterprises, which reflects that national enterprises still rely heavily on foreign enterprises for some core technologies. In the LED display industry, chips are also a very important part. All processes should focus on chips. Fortunately, the domestic LED industry is relatively complete, and there will be no "ZTE event" staged in the industry

it was recently disclosed that Samsung Electronics almost ordered the mini LED production capacity of Chinese LED epitaxial chips and chip manufacturer San'an Optoelectronics in Xiamen to ensure the supply of large-scale high-end LCD TV backlight chips it will launch in the third quarter of 2018. San'an has been able to develop so well, which is inseparable from the government's support for the industry. From 2009 to now, San'an optoelectronics has received a total of more than 4.4 billion yuan in subsidies, and the support is not large

however, in recent years, the government's support has been gradually weakening. Of course, it is not that the LED chip industry is not important, but that the LED chip industry has gradually embarked on the right track. It is less dependent on government subsidies, and can have some independent development ability in the current market environment

led is a sunrise industry with energy conservation, environmental protection and new materials, and the market is very large. From the beginning, this industry was considered to have broad market prospects, so all regions attach great importance to this industry. Of course, a lot of subsidy policies have been issued around the world, which is also a trend of the development of many industries in the world. Especially when the semiconductor industry is developing, China, the United States and many countries have issued subsidy policies to support the development of this industry

Mr. Lin Kechuang, general manager of San'an optoelectronics, said: with the development and maturity of the LED industry, I think the cancellation or reduction of the subsidy policy is positive. When the industry develops to a certain extent, it still depends on the automatic adjustment of the market economy. First of all, with the continuous maturity of technology, I think the development of enterprises should be driven by internal factors. With the continuous maturity of the market, the gradual withdrawal of the government's early guiding policies is reasonable and of positive significance. In the future, I think enterprises and industries will become more and more mature and healthy. Therefore, I think it is reasonable for local governments to reduce or reduce their support for enterprises

the government absolutely supports enterprises and even industries. As for how to support and how to support them, it must be divided into industrial stages. Direct risk protection and financial support can only be targeted at the early stage of industrial development. The industrial support should be appropriate to help the industry move positively and healthily to the right track

of course, after the industry is on the right track, it is also inseparable from the policy guidance of the government. In a critical juncture, the government even has to turn the situation around. For example, the stock market fell in a large area and many enterprises were short of funds. Many local governments took the lead in rescuing the market. The government of Shenzhen with too low temperature took the lead

new progress has been made in the action of Shenzhen state-owned assets to arrange tens of billions of special funds to help listed companies. It is reported that Shenzhen hi tech insurance certificate Guarantee Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, is responsible for the specific docking with Shenzhen small and medium-sized loan Co., Ltd. Shenzhen hi tech Investment Co., Ltd. has 16 private listed companies in the first batch of docking, among which Lehman shares are outstanding, which is reflected in the stock market, and the shares of Lehman shares are also turning upside down

statistics show that since the beginning of this year, among the listed companies controlled by private capital, 41 companies have announced that they will have state-owned assets, of which 4 have terminated. Among the listed companies controlled by state-owned capital, 13 announced that they would introduce private capital as shareholders. In addition, among the 90 m & A cases with the equity of state-owned listed companies as the subject, Chao Ba became a state-owned subscription

in fact, whether the government increases or decreases its support, it is based on the premise of helping the industry develop positively. When the industry has the ability to develop independently in the market, weakening the industrial support will undoubtedly enable the industry to better and healthier adapt to the current market. Only by not blindly protecting and not letting go can the industry get on track faster and better

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