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Graffiti intelligence appeared at the Hong Kong Spring lantern show. Intelligent lighting entered a stage of rapid development. The 2019 Hong Kong Spring Lantern Show opened. As a wind vane Exhibition for the Asian lamp industry, this year's global intelligent business made a direct observation on the scene and found that traditional lighting devices have been neglected. Lamps that can be interconnected with other smart home devices are the future trend

according to the latest research of Jibang consulting led research center, in the next few years, intelligent lighting and smart home will develop together and become the two fastest growing fields. At present, both traditional enterprises and technology enterprises are interested in taking a share in this market with unlimited potential

on April 6, the Hong Kong International Spring lighting show (hereinafter referred to as the spring lighting show) officially launched became the latest battlefield of high and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IOT. More than 1430 exhibitors from China, the United States, Malaysia and other countries competed to display the latest technologies and products

▍ 2019 Hong Kong International Spring lighting exhibition

lighting products accelerate the integration with smart home

at this year's exhibition, lighting products in the form of single products have been entered the "cold palace", and few onlookers. Lighting products equipped with voice interaction and AI chips and capable of interconnection with other household appliances are very popular

in the era of artificial intelligence, people all hope that life can be simpler and more convenient. For example, you can directly use voice to control the light switch and adjust the brightness, and different brands of home appliances can be interconnected... This series of operations can enable users to truly enjoy the convenience brought by technology

as the focus of this year's exhibition, the "famous lights Gallery" has displayed lighting from more than 200 top brands around the world. Exhibitors can feel the modern lifestyle brought by intelligent lighting on site. In the OPP lighting exhibition area, users can set different lighting modes according to their own needs. For example, the lights can be turned on slowly in the morning, so as to achieve a comfortable wake-up effect; Philips, another lighting giant, mainly demonstrated its intelligent lighting solutions in industrial, outdoor lighting and other fields

at booth 1c-e02, graffiti intelligence on the global ai+iot platform displayed intelligent table lamps, ceiling lamps, candle lamps, sleep lamps and other lighting products covering all home scenes. These "powered by Tuya" smart products cover different brands such as Hongyan, rhinoceros, fluorite and Keri, but they can all be controlled through an app

▍ graffiti smart booth of 2019 Hong Kong International Spring lighting exhibition

"I was worried that more than 10 brands of home appliances could not be interconnected. Today, I finally found a solution in the graffiti smart booth." One participant said

in addition, in order to enable the guests to better understand how intelligent lighting plays a role in buildings, this year, the organizers also set up a "innovation building Gallery" exhibition area to introduce groundbreaking building technologies, building electronic systems and security systems. Through the linkage between lighting products and other building equipment, exhibitors can experience the future smart life in the exhibition area

technological innovation becomes the focus of competition among giants

every exhibition is ostensibly a product competition, but in fact, exhibitors are secretly competing on "technology". At the spring lantern show, countless technological innovations were accumulated behind the lighting products that dazzled the guests

for example, graffiti intelligence can help smart products at home to perform secret free and fast configuration and local group through the original FFC (fast facility connection) technology. The dynamic random key algorithm provides a higher level of security guarantee, and supports multi category control of products such as lights, sockets, sensors, large and small household appliances

▍ 3. Touch key operation mode graffiti intelligent booth of 2019 Hong Kong International Spring lighting exhibition

the internationally renowned lighting enterprise v-tac saves more than 150million pounds of energy consumption and more than 150000 tons of carbon emissions for customers every year by providing high-quality LED solutions

with the maturing of IOT technology, intelligent lighting has also brought new development opportunities to the LED industry. The "smart lighting and lighting scheme" exhibition area is still the main axis of the 2019 exhibition, showing the leading technologies related to smart lighting systems, remote controls, accessories and lighting products

some enterprises also aim at the subdivided fields. For example, in the plant lighting area, Fuzhou Huifeng Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. showed its LED plant growth lamp, which is divided into material waterproof and structural waterproof with Fuzhou University and cooperates with Fujian agriculture and Forestry University. This product can automatically regulate the light, temperature and humidity, and give a better growth environment for plants. Hong Kong Lighting Company Titans exhibited a 240W plant greenhouse growth lamp, which is based on the characteristic die-casting technology and can solve the heat dissipation problem

on the day of the exhibition, in order to let the participants know more about the trend of lighting technology, the organizer also held a "innovation of intelligent lighting". At this time, it is necessary to select the COM port to directly carry out online "intelligent lighting" and other theme forums, and invite industry experts from Microsoft, Bluetooth technology alliance and Philips to discuss the industrial development and technology trend of intelligent lighting

the compound annual growth rate exceeds 20%

intelligent lighting has entered a stage of rapid development

according to the data in the intelligent lighting industry analysis report released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the global intelligent lighting market is growing very rapidly. It is estimated that the market size will reach $24.341 billion in 2020, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories will be about $8.71 billion, accounting for more than 5%, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 20%

at present, intelligent lighting is accelerating its integration into the smart home scene, outlining a new smart lifestyle for global consumers in the future. Compared with the 2018 exhibition, which mainly focuses on concept products, this year's exhibitors pay more attention to the technical implementation of products. At this spring lantern show, there are not only a wealth of product categories, but also the latest achievements of the deep integration of artificial intelligence, IOT and other cutting-edge technologies with lighting products. Guests can directly experience the intelligent life on site

relevant insiders believe that this is a sign that the intelligent lighting industry is gradually maturing. The spring lantern show has broken through the boundaries of traditional lighting products and become a technological competition integrating products and technology

in recent years, the leading role of the spring lantern show in the development trend of the industry has been continuously enhanced. In the future, major enterprises will take intelligent life as the research basis to develop lighting products that are more capable of ensuring that they can manufacture lighter, higher strength automobile parts with more scientific and technological content

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