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Italian imported furniture Colombo mobili furniture [Italian home]

Italian Colombo mobili is a family business. For more than 150 years, it has been mainly engaged in high-end luxury walnut furniture, which perfectly interprets the classical style of Italy and Europe. Each product fully respects the traditional Italian craftsmanship, and constantly improves and reorganizes it. At the same time, it also integrates the exquisite elegance of modern style

the material selection of products, every detail and every step of production have a crucial impact on the quality of products. In such an era of globalization, Colombo mobili knows that only by respecting traditional processes and ensuring product quality from the perspective of modernization can it gain a foothold in the international market and be recognized by everyone. Therefore, in terms of technology, Colombo mobili still adopts the traditional woodworking technology accumulated in the past. All works produced under these technologies have been recognized by customers all over the world, so they are still used today

colombo mobili combines these technologies with modern design and quality assurance methods, and then uses carving, gold plating, inlay and polishing to decorate the products to provide customers with the most perfect products. At the same time, Colombo mobili also focuses on customers and customizes personalized products for customers according to their environment and their own preferences

because Colombo mobili has achieved these, its products will be exported to the international market: the United States, Russia, the Middle East and the Far East are all important sales markets of Colombo mobili

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