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Although the industry is lamenting the downturn in the joining market of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is still not optimistic, but the crisis and opportunity are the same. Angel doors and windows believes that when most manufacturers are in the downturn, only by seizing the market opportunity will it be able to achieve anti oversold

1. Inevitable challenge: panic about the unknown

people always panic about "working hard all their lives and returning to the pre liberation overnight", which comes not from the glimpsed world, but from unknown predators. These so-called predators are not competitors deliberately subverting traditional industries, but competitors under the "new normal"

under this overcapacity, technological transformation and model innovation, the price subversion, technology subversion, model subversion and culture subversion must be considered by the aluminum alloy door and window franchise enterprises to change the traditional mind, traditional customs and traditional cultural cognition, and face all kinds of unprecedented new provocations under the "new normal" with a new state of mind? The joining enterprises of aluminum alloy doors and windows must put down their inherent constraints, attitudes and inferiority, and open their minds, mentality and good feelings, so as to constantly optimize themselves and be able to be comfortable in the face of new provocations. At least, they will not be helpless in the face of new provocations

2. Potential business opportunities: emerging models of the Internet

it can be predicted that the views of the Internet, big data, o2o, sharing economy, virtual reality, P2P, these network economy, are emerging models that subvert the traditional mind, traditional views, and traditional trade culture in the future or in the coming. The emerging model will certainly replace the existing model, and the advanced model will certainly subvert the old model. Only by smoothly connecting the real economy with the virtual economy under the emerging model, can the franchise enterprises of aluminum alloy doors and windows develop in the future. This is the reality of the situation

the growth of the industry has been hit in many ways. Angel doors and windows believes that the industry has long been unable to speak the same language as the past. If it blindly adheres to the traditional planning methods, the enterprise management will also face multiple crises and even fatal blows. Therefore, the joining enterprises of aluminum alloy doors and windows need to change their business thinking in order to grow synchronously with the industry


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