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Online guide: a few days ago, it was reported that many franchisees complained about the supply equipment, decoration significantly higher than the market price, and the quality of food supplied by Shanghai youbaijia snack chain store (see "many franchisees complain about the snack chain brand youbaijia in Shanghai: poor quality and suspected breach of contract" on October 26 on surging news website). On October 29, Shanghai Juewei Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Juewei), a subsidiary of youbaijia, responded to surging news that the company had established a special complaint department to actively negotiate with a number of franchisees who came to complain; At the same time, special personnel will be assigned to guide the operation of franchisees' stores and help franchisees improve the turnover of stores as soon as possible

in response to the complaints of Wang Chao, caiwenfang and other franchisees about the quality defects of some goods and the poor channels for returning and changing goods, Cheng laiyong, the person in charge of Shanghai Jue flavor, said that the company did have some problems in management and service. Next, we will improve all management links and strengthen services. Cheng laiyong told the surging news reporter that the suppliers cooperating with youbaijia brand products are food manufacturers with complete licenses in industry and commerce, health and other fields. All foods are also qualified products tested by the food and Drug Administration and other authoritative departments. The staff of Shanghai Jue flavor showed the relevant food manufacturer's licenses and product test reports to the reporters one by one

the moldy and other quality problems of individual products such as prunes and beef cubes complained by franchisees may also be the problems of goods during transportation and storage. Cheng laiyong said that the relevant departments of the company will investigate the problem link within the specified time, and decide which link should be responsible by the manufacturer, transportation unit, storage unit or franchise store, and will pursue its responsible person. On behalf of the company, the person in charge promised on the spot that any consumer who found the quality problem of youbaijia could actively report it to the company. If it was verified that it was a quality problem, the consumer would be given a cash reward of 10000 yuan in advance

in response to the problems of mandatory decoration and high equipment costs mentioned by franchisee Wang Chao, Cheng laiyong said that these situations are not true. Decoration is not mandatory, and franchisees can choose by themselves. We only require a unified style. If choosing a decoration company recommended by the company for decoration, the travel expenses of a decoration personnel will be incurred, which is bound to be a little more expensive than customers looking for a decoration company locally; As for shelf, cash register system and other equipment, our company is looking for professionals to design and develop, and has obtained relevant patents. We only sell franchise stores at a slightly higher price than the cost. Cheng laiyong said that the franchise market is a relatively competitive market. If youbaijia only focuses on decoration and equipment, it will not be able to develop into a franchise chain enterprise with a scale of thousands

in response to the complaint of a franchisee in Suzhou, Anhui province that youbaijia was allowed to open two stores within less than one kilometer, Shanghai Juewei explained that the contract stipulated that youbaijia would not cooperate with a third person to open stores within one kilometer of the franchisee's diameter, that is, the protection range of the franchisee was 500 meters, and the franchisee reflected that the store was 900 meters away from it. Obviously, Shanghai Juewei did not violate the contract. However, Shanghai Juewei said that if the distance between the two stores is more than 500 meters, it does have a certain impact on the business. The company will require the new store to choose a new location based on the principle of protecting the old franchisees

on the same day, Wang Chao, a franchisee in Jiuting, Songjiang, Shanghai, and Liu Xiuzhen, from Suzhou, Anhui, told the surging news reporter that the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Jue flavor had communicated with him and reached a relatively satisfactory result

the person in charge of Shanghai Juewei said that in the future, the complaint department of the company will act as a permanent institution to specifically accept problems from consumers or franchisees, and the company will further strengthen management and services





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