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According to the latest data released by the office of the National Commission on aging, by the end of 2011, China's elderly population aged 60 and over had reached 185MILLION, accounting for 13.7% of the total population. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, the total elderly population in China will exceed 200million. By 2025, the total elderly population will exceed 300million, and by 2033, it will exceed 400million, with an average annual increase of 10million elderly population

how to care for the elderly in their later years has become a popular project that should be paid special attention to from the central authorities of the state to the neighborhood committees of the neighborhood offices. All walks of life have also introduced some electronic and communication products and home medical devices specifically for the elderly with a social sense of care for the elderly, which have achieved some good economic and social benefits, It can be described as a double harvest of economic and social benefits

as the most professional brand company for the elderly in the communication industry, sanmeng has been focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of the elderly. Since the first elderly S108, which should not be promoted too quickly in 2009, it has launched more than 30 elderly models in total, and many models have shipped more than one million, which is deeply loved by the elderly. It's just good luck to be an old man in sanmeng. Ouyanghui, chairman of sanmeng, said that he introduced to him that sanmeng had actually applied for a license in 2006 and had been doing it according to the market trend since 2006. Sanmeng was an old man entirely because his father had an accidental chat. As Chaoshan people, they attach great importance to the Spring Festival return. Generally, the air cooling of small and medium-sized extruders is more suitable for the Spring Festival return in their hometown. One year, when the Spring Festival return, my father said to him, ah Hui, what are you doing? When can you design a special model for the elderly who stay in their hometown, that is, the kind for the elderly? The speaker is intentional, and the listener is intentional. Ouyanghui visited relatives and friends that year, especially observing what the elderly were using and what characteristics they needed. He found that uncle generation and his father used old words that were eliminated by their children, either small or difficult to operate. Ouyanghui introduced that after returning to Shenzhen on April 1st that year, he immediately organized relevant product planners to study how to be an old man, what appearance and function to make. In just three months, sanmeng launched S108, S208 and S308 for the elderly. As soon as they were listed, they sold well, and agents from all over the country flocked to them. After all, in 2009, sanmeng was the only brand specializing in the elderly in the industry. The single shipment volume of S108 and S208 exceeded one million in that year. Since then, it has established the position and reputation of sanmeng senior citizens in the industry. Other non senior citizens in sanmeng were basically cut down and stopped production that year, and fully focused on the field of senior citizens

as a strategic partner of sanmeng elderly research and development, Ding Peng, President of Shenzhen Xinlong, also said that China is the only country in the world with more than 100 million elderly people, which also shows the characteristics of large-scale elderly population, fast aging speed, high peak value and uneven aging degree. Population aging not only brings us health and longevity and new development opportunities, but also brings new challenges to economic and social development. Generally speaking, under the condition of underdeveloped economy, China's treatment methods are as follows: ① the aging of the population is driven by computers. Therefore, how to make practical, convenient and cheap old people is the common and obligation of people in the industry

The launch of s699 is very dramatic, Ding Peng said. One day after dinner, ouyanghui, the chairman of sanmeng, passed by a park and went for a walk. He saw many elderly people listening to the opera or walking in the park with a walking machine in their hands, or several elderly people gathered around and danced with the walking machine, and a walking machine was also installed in their pocket to facilitate family contact. Ouyanghui had an idea when he saw this scene. He immediately called me to say that there was something urgent and asked me to rush to the park immediately. As soon as they met, they immediately knew what each other was thinking, that is, sanmeng wanted to make an old man who could both dance and listen to the radio. Ouyanghui immediately asked the person in charge of the company to order a walking machine. The next day, he began to organize personnel to develop and design the first dance s699 of the three leagues

after 60 days of R & D and design, s699 is finally about to be launched. In the prototype stage, ouyanghui took s699 to the park to show those old men and women, and asked them to make suggestions. Ouyanghuixing strengthened the cross collaboration of different disciplines, different fields and different materials, and vigorously introduced it. All the old people who got the prototype were full of praise, so that sanmeng strengthened the market confidence of this product

s699 looks like a mini radio. It's convenient to put it in your coat pocket and hang it on your hand with a rope. It uses a professional radio loudspeaker that has never been used on it. S699 adopts the most popular t-card insertion method of stroller at present, that is, it can be plugged in and out directly without removing the battery and back cover, and is equipped with a special radio toggle switch to facilitate the elderly to listen to the radio and play music in the fastest and easiest way. If you listen to the great mercy mantra played by s699 or Cai Qin's song, it will definitely shock you and calm your irritable heart. Xinlong Shangding Peng revealed it to you

as a leading brand for the elderly, what are the characteristics of the next elderly model of sanmeng? In constant questioning, ouyanghui, chairman of sanmeng, laughed without saying anything, but said: a series of products corresponding to s699 will be launched in March, and there will be a corresponding product launch at that time

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