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DUSHENG Town, Hebei Province, makes every effort to expand and strengthen the pharmaceutical packaging material industry. The Party committee and government of Dusheng town have increased their development efforts and adhered to the principle of internal and external relations. Therefore, the trick is to quickly pour in and connect with the outside world, and use the strength of the whole township to expand and strengthen the pharmaceutical packaging material industry, so that the industry can enter the fast lane of healthy development, showing a good momentum of development

Dusheng town is the production base of single-chip microcomputer controlled packaging materials for pharmaceutical packaging in northern China. For decades, the pharmaceutical packaging materials enterprises in Dusheng town have experienced a development process from scratch, from small to large, from backward to advanced, from disorder to gradual standardization. At present, there are 232 packaging production enterprises in the town. The scale of fixed assets of the enterprises has expanded rapidly, and the benefits have gradually increased. By the end of last year, the sales revenue of the pharmaceutical packaging material industry in the town has reached 1.5 billion yuan, the profit has exceeded billion yuan, and the tax paid is 8million yuan

in the first half of this year, the town implemented the "leading driven" development strategy and increased the development of new enterprises and technological transformation projects, which achieved remarkable results. Cangzhou Yikang food and drug packaging Co., Ltd. and Cangzhou four-star glass tube Co., Ltd., with a total investment of more than 13 million yuan, have completed and put into production three new projects with a minimum value. 14 enterprises with a total investment of 56.8 million yuan are carrying out technical transformation projects. At the same time, 15 enterprises are also actively planning technical transformation projects, with a total investment of 200million yuan

at present, through the analysis of market competition, the town actively establishes the pharmaceutical packaging materials industry association, explores the enterprise cooperation development mode, configures relevant equipment, plans to build the pharmaceutical packaging materials Station, and does a good job in enterprise publicity, so as to make the pharmaceutical packaging materials of Dusheng town go out of the country and into the world

reprinted from: Hebei Ministry of Commerce

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