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Sunzhanbiao, chairman of Shandong sanhuali science and technology machinery company, visited various countries and resolutely spent a lot of money, that is, the use of antibacterial materials. After several years of efforts, he independently developed sanhuali series antifreeze products with high-tech content, which filled the domestic gap and was also at the leading level in the world, Become the leader in the field of antifreeze of tap water in China

sun zhanbiao, chairman of Shandong sanhuali science and technology machinery company, visited various countries and resolutely spent a lot of money. After several years of efforts, he independently developed sanhuali series antifreeze products with high-tech content, which filled the domestic gap and was also at the leading level in the world. He became the leader in the antifreeze field of tap water in China if the machine was turned on normally

it is believed that in the severe winter, people have experienced such an experience: the cold and low temperature caused the freezing and even cracking of water pipes and water meters, which brought a lot of inconvenience to people's domestic water in winter. According to incomplete statistics, the loss of valve faucets and water pipes caused by cold weather alone is as high as hundreds of millions of yuan every year, so the loss of water resources caused by cold weather can not be counted. The vast areas north of 35 degrees north latitude, which account for 70% of the global land area, are cold areas in winter, and some areas spend more than four months in winter

according to the statistics of relevant departments, the freezing damage of water pipes in China has been very common in recent years. If the phenomenon of freezing and cracking occurs due to low temperature or sudden cooling, or even other associated water appliances and water equipment are frozen, the loss will be incalculable

human power is enormous, and human wisdom is infinite. Human beings cannot prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, but protective and preventive measures can be taken to minimize the harm of disasters to human beings. In the past, scientific and technological means were lagging behind, and people took some measures to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause, such as winding insulation materials (straw, quilt, foam insulation pipe) or building insulation wells to keep out the cold, or winding electric heating wires outside the water pipes to prevent freezing by heating them with electricity Others adopt the method of long running water to prevent freezing, all of which will inevitably cause huge consumption and produce huge negative effects. At present, the low-carbon economy advocated by the state aims to make mankind pay attention to energy conservation and reduce waste, but in the field of antifreeze, it is still a blank

the tap water antifreeze plug developed by sanhuali company is an antifreeze valve product that combines the functions of water supply and drainage. The product is reasonable in design, small in size, takes up less space, convenient in installation and maintenance, and easy to operate. It can be used by all ages. This product does not need any insulation layer, power or fuel, saving insulation costs. When you stop heating or go out, as long as you adjust the handle of the antifreeze plug to the drainage state, even if the temperature drops to minus 50 degrees Celsius, it will not freeze. When you go home, you can use water normally by opening the valve. It really realizes the use effect of "opening the valve to discharge water and closing the valve to prevent freezing", and completely solves the inconvenience and waste of water resources caused by the freezing and breaking of water pipes in cold winter

sanhuali antifreeze suppository provides people with the convenience of domestic water in winter with its superior performance, greatly reducing the waste of thermal insulation materials and water resources, so the market prospect will be very broad. This product can be widely used in buildings, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, fire pipe systems, public squares, garden villas, factories and mining enterprises, port terminals, villages, farms, vegetable greenhouses and other water pipe systems that may freeze in winter. It can also be used in mechanical equipment with circulating water cooling system to prevent water pipes from freezing and cracking, and avoid material loss caused by pipe freezing and cracking, The waste of domestic water is avoided

how to use sanhuali antifreeze suppository:

operate the handle of sanhuali antifreeze suppository and rotate it to the end according to the water supply direction indicated by the arrow on the handle, then you can use water normally; Rotate to the end in the direction of "drainage" or "antifreeze" indicated by the arrow, and turn on the tap to prevent antifreeze. In the season without antifreeze, you can set the antifreeze plug handle in the water supply state, and directly use the switch of the faucet to use water normally. When using water, be sure to screw the hand wheel to the middle position according to the "water supply" direction that the friction and wear performance of parts and components in mechanical equipment is determined by factors such as material, working state, contact mode and environmental conditions

installation instructions of sanhuali antifreeze bolt:

1 The installation methods are divided into type a installation (installation in inspection shaft) and type B installation (direct buried installation)

2. Before installing this product, please clean the dust and other foreign matters on the valve body and pipeline

3. According to the depth of the local frozen layer, connect the water inlet of the lower valve body of the riser antifreeze plug to the main water pipe below the frozen soil layer in the direction of the arrow, and leave a water seepage space of more than 20cm below the drain of the lower valve body (this space can be filled with pebbles or block stones to facilitate water seepage)

4. Users can determine the height of H1 by themselves according to the actual height

5. It is recommended to install the master valve before the valve body is lowered by the antifreeze bolt to facilitate maintenance

in recent years, the reduction of global freshwater resources has attracted the great attention of governments all over the world. The state has issued the "water resources protection law", and local governments have issued a number of water resources protection laws to protect the decreasing freshwater resources. The antifreeze plug successfully developed by sanhuali company fills the domestic gap, conforms to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, and is the preferred product for antifreeze of water pipelines

from this perspective, the advent of sanhuali antifreeze plug is not only to solve the antifreeze of pipelines

small commodities will create a big market

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