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Dongguan's three major operators compete for 3G: five applications make mobile life come

3G makes mobile life more exciting

consumers have also changed their depression in previous years in experiencing the latest iPhone

3G consumption, showing a "soaring" trend this year, and the proportion of annual sales has jumped to nearly 40% with the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry

Smart Life 1: swipe easy consumption shopping

Dongguan mobile, the main operator, can also shop with "swipe card", and can walk easily with "machine", which is the new "wallet" business launched by Dongguan mobile

it is reported that Dongguan Mobile's global connect and M-Zone users only need to replace a special SIM card for their wallet, open the wallet function, and deposit a certain amount into their wallet account by cash recharge or going to the bank, and then they can use the "machine" method to shop at special merchants with POS machines such as Jiarong supermarket and Tianhe department store

Smart Life II: HD photos are shot and transmitted at will

main operator: Dongguan Telecom

how to share the moments of the event, beautiful scenery, or even the magnificent party with your family? In the past, we had to go home and download photos before we could let our family enjoy them. Now, we only need to use the new "shoot and transmit" service launched by Dongguan Telecom, connect the professional camera to the fixed network or wireless network line, and then the HD photos can be synchronously transmitted at the moment of pressing the shutter. It not only avoids the sudden congestion and paralysis of the network, but also allows the family to enjoy the new materials with high safety and good quality and performance even if they are not developing and using them on site


the once dream is gradually coming into reality. The high-speed transmission of 3G network makes the seemingly impossible things "easily solved", and shortens the distance between people in simplicity and convenience

Smart Life III: humanized and smart handling of mobile business

the main operator Dongguan mobile

queuing has become a common phenomenon in real life, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. In response to people's confusion, Dongguan mobile started from itself and recently launched a unique "queuing easy" service

when handling mobile business, mobile users can send an application to the queuing system through SMS, Internet and WAP. After receiving the customer information, the system will randomly send the queuing ticket number to the customer under the specified conditions, and the customer can go to the service hall for business processing with the ticket number

in addition, the system has also set up functions such as reminding the number of people waiting on site in the service and camp hall, querying the real-time queuing situation, and notifying the number passing, which greatly shortens the waiting time of users in a humanized way


the more people live, the more humanized the improvement of the comprehensive properties of the current composite materials will play a great role in expanding its use in aviation structures. The more applications can make people feel the benefits of 3G. Perhaps as soon as you turn around, you will find that 3G technology is actually around us. The current 3G application lacks not innovation but discovery

Smart Life 4: iPhone is cool and trendy

main operator: Dongguan Unicom

since iPhone3 was listed in Dongguan, it has attracted many high-end people with its powerful service package function to "bow down" for it, and upgrade more than 100 iPhones, especially the instrument one4 with high accuracy, which is now used in experiments. Similarly, "the waves behind push the waves ahead", and the supply of models at many prices is in urgent need, If you want to buy, you need to make a reservation

at the same time, Dongguan Unicom has also created the first open iPhone club in the industry, so that more people can experience and enjoy iPhone


cut into the high-end market and successfully attracted this niche market that is not "too small", which shows that the consumption potential of high-end machines in Dongguan is huge and the power cannot be underestimated

Smart Life 5: enjoy wonderful events on your palm

the main operator Dongguan mobile

besides reading newspapers and browsing e-books, watching dynamic pictures on your palm may be one of the more exciting ways of entertainment and leisure

at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Dongguan mobile officially launched its TV business, opening more than 20 TV channels, including Dongguan one, tourism satellite TV, education one and CCTV securities. There are nearly 50 applicable terminals, which allow users to make reasonable choices at will and enjoy the infinite fun of handheld TV in time


3g makes mobile life possible, and handheld wonderful games and movies also give us more choices to spend our fragmented time, and life will never be boring again. Guangzhou

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