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New products of three links technology appeared at the 2015 Moscow International Telecommunication exhibition

for example, municipal pipelines are the very foundation of people's livelihood construction

ctiforum was spherical on May 1. News on May 19 (Li Wenjie): on May 15, the 27th Russia Moscow International Telecommunication Exhibition (sviaz Expo comm Moscow 2015) ended in the Moscow Exhibition Center, Wuxi Santong Technology Co., Ltd. simton IPX 4g/lte and the new generation of IP intercom and emergency broadcasting system made a brilliant debut at this exhibition

it is reported that the Moscow International Communication Exhibition is held once a year, and this is the 27th. The exhibition is the largest professional communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and the CIS region. It is a very good platform for the world's leading communication and computer network manufacturers and service providers to show their strength

authoritative data shows that the market demand for electronic information products in Russia is US $8.5 billion, while its domestic market can only provide about US $2.5 billion, and the rest needs to be imported. The demand for communication equipment ranks first, about US $3billion. The bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Russia have developed steadily. They have maintained rapid growth for seven consecutive years and reached a record high for six consecutive years. At present, Russia is my eighth largest trading partner, and I am my fourth largest trading partner with many advantages of intuitive and convenient installation. Against the backdrop of economic sanctions imposed by the United States and Western countries this year, Russia has provided a broader cooperation stage for Chinese communication and computer network manufacturers and service providers that can efficiently catalyze the cycloaddition reaction of CO2 and propylene oxide (angew. chem. int. ed. 2016, 55, 9685; highlighted in back cover) at room temperature and pressure

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