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Stamping heat treatment safety checklist/gas carburizing and nitriding furnace safety checklist

gas carburizing and nitriding furnace safety checklist


1) well type gas carburizing and nitriding furnace is installed in the pit, which is an important condition to ensure safety in the drying of the pit, so the pit must not have ponding and seepage

2) ammonia is toxic, and the ventilation device and purification device are one of the key conditions to prevent acute poisoning

1 equipment inspection

1.1 there should be an exhaust hood above the well type gas carburizing and nitriding furnace for ventilation

1.2 the well type gas carburizing and nitriding furnace is installed in the pit, and 4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the potentiometer fine-tuning knob of the industrial control box under the working state to meet the design standard

1.3 there shall be no ponding in the pit, let alone infiltration into groundwater

1.4 the stove is padded with 100 ~ 150mm thick wood or I-steel in the pit to prevent moisture

1.5 when it is used for carbonitriding, it should be installed in a closed small room with a strong air extraction device on the top

1.6 the steel plates on the outer layer of the furnace shell and cover are complete without holes, and the insulation layer inside shall not be exposed

1.7 the hydraulic device installed on the furnace shell is firmly fixed without looseness

1.8 the lifting chain of the furnace cover shall be intact, the screws shall be complete and fixed, and the furnace wall shall not be rubbed during lifting

1.9 in addition, especially when the honeycomb core and skin are produced by the same thermoplastic polymer, the action of all parts of the hydraulic device is sensitive and reliable. The manual oil pump can pump enough oil to ensure that the long-term drop of the furnace cover is stable and free of vibration. The oil circuit of the hydraulic system is smooth, well sealed and free of leakage

1.10 the inlet hole, outlet hole and thermocouple tube hole of the furnace cover are in good condition, and the screw is free of sliding wire and disorderly buckle

1.11 the furnace tank is free of cracks, trachomas, inclusions and other defects, and bears positive pressure without air leakage

1.12 when the furnace tank is loaded into the furnace, it should be concentric with the furnace body and can be supported on the support smoothly without deflection

1.13 electric heating elements and thermocouples shall not be touched when the furnace is in and out of the furnace

1.14 the oil storage tank shall be installed at a high place, and the liquid carburizing agent placed in the tank shall not leak. The cock rotates flexibly and seals reliably

1 scientific name is (1.15 the drip port can accurately measure and control the amount of carburizing agent dripping into the furnace, and the adjustment is flexible.

1.16 the oil pipeline is good, unblocked and free of leakage, and the exhaust pipe and drip port are unobstructed.

1.17 the fan in the furnace should be able to ensure that the atmosphere in the furnace and the temperature of the upper and lower furnaces are uniform.

1.18 the fan rotates smoothly.

1.19 the rotating part of the fan is firmly assembled, and the workpiece and equipment cannot be touched during rotation.

1.20 the fan shaft is labyrinth tight The sealing device is reliable without air leakage

1.21 the sealing ring between the furnace cover and the furnace can is complete, uniform in thickness and well sealed

1.22 high temperature resistant asbestos rope shall be used as the sealing ring

1.23 the nuts, bolts and washers used to compress the furnace cover are complete and intact, and the threads are free of sliding threads and disorderly fastening

1.24 tighten the compression nut, and keep the compression force symmetrical and basically consistent

1.25 the exhaust device should be kept intact. The exhaust pipe is not damaged

1.26 the furnace cover should be equipped with a limit device to ensure that the power supply can be cut off automatically when the furnace cover is opened

1.27 the limit switch is firmly installed on the furnace shell with sensitive and reliable action

1.28 the resistance wires should be separated from each other without touching each other or the furnace

1.29 the electric heating element should be installed on the brick shelf smoothly without damage

1.30 the connector base is firm and in good contact with the wiring

1.31 the insulation between the two wires is good, and the metal wires cannot touch each other

1.32 fix the thermocouple with the nut on the thermocouple base so that the thermocouple cannot move

1.33 the connector base shall be equipped with protective cover, and the hook of the protective cover shall be complete, reliable and tightly closed

1.34 the pit cover plate is complete and intact, with reliable positioning, anti-skid, and access holes

1.35 put the ammonia bottle in a cool and ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to be close to the power supply or exposed to the sun

1.36 the flowmeter for measuring and controlling ammonia flow shall be installed smoothly

2 behavior inspection

2.1 ammonia cylinders should be transported by cart or battery car. It is strictly forbidden to lift them by bike, and it is strictly forbidden to throw, roll, or slide

2.2 when liquid ammonia is frozen, it is only allowed to flush with hot water and steam, and it is strictly forbidden to bake with fire or electric stove

2.3 empty ammonia bottles and full ammonia bottles shall be stored separately and marked

2.4 during nitriding and carburizing, the exhaust gas (carbon monoxide) discharged from the furnace shall be ignited at the emission place

2.5 it is strictly forbidden to put nitriding waste gas into the air to pollute the air

2.6 the waste gas of Carbonitriding must be purified before being discharged into the atmosphere

2.7 when the furnace is running, the motor must be started to extract air, and it must be closed in time after use

2.8 ammonia decomposer should be placed on the fixed frame to prevent breaking

2.9 there should be first-aid kit in the room, and a special person should be responsible for each shift, and everyone of the operators will rescue on site

2.10 when the furnace temperature is lower than 750 ℃, it is strictly forbidden to drop kerosene into the furnace

3 working environment

3.1 the well type gas carburizing and nitriding furnace should be installed in the downwind direction of the plant without rain leakage, close to the window

3. The 1full color plastic 3D printing material2 introduced by shapeways keeps the workplace tidy and clean

3.3 raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products shall be stacked neatly without hindering operation and passage

3.4 checkered steel cover plate shall be set in the pit around the furnace body

3.5 natural lighting should be used in the workplace as much as possible, and local lighting should be used when it is insufficient, and it should comply with the provisions of the national standard tj34-79

3.6 smoking and eating are strictly prohibited indoors, and tableware and food storage are prohibited

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