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Safety control measures for the surrounding environment of the construction site

I. work policy and control objectives

the project is located in a residential residence and office building near the construction site. During the construction of the project, it is bound to have a certain impact on the surrounding residents and the surrounding environment. In order to create a friendly construction atmosphere and standardize the management of the construction site and the surrounding environment, our project department has established an environmental management system for the construction site. During the construction process, the environment of the construction site is strictly inspected and attended to. Measures such as planting flowers and plants, beautifying the surrounding areas and setting up safety protection facilities are taken to achieve the goals of dust prevention, noise reduction and green construction. Everyone should care about the green environment and make the construction site a flower site and a green operation area

II. Organization of environmental management system at the construction site

1. The project manager is responsible for the environmental management system of the project, with the participation of all management personnel and on-site principals of subcontractors. All members should carefully organize and carry out environmental protection work in their daily work

2. Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of each member in the environmental management system of the project construction site, implement the management and awareness of civilized construction on site to everyone in the environmental management system of the project construction site, so that everything is managed by someone, everything is implemented, all employees fulfill their obligations, and violations will be investigated

III. reference laws, regulations and standards

environmental protection law, air pollution prevention and control law, solid waste pollution prevention and control law, environmental noise pollution prevention and control law and other relevant laws and regulations

IV. specific control measures

1. Contact the surrounding residents regularly, listen to their opinions, and adopt and deal with reasonable opinions in time, and form treatment records

2. Prevention and control of air pollution

2.1 the main roads, stockyards and living and office areas on the construction site must be hardened, and the earthwork should be stacked in a centralized manner. Measures such as covering, curing or greening shall be taken for exposed sites and earthwork stacked in a centralized manner

2.2 close the buildings and structures under construction with dense mesh safety to prevent dust during construction

2.3 when demolishing old buildings, adopt → gb/t21839 ⑵ 008 steel for prestressed concrete test methods; → ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 "steel for prestressed concrete and steel for prestressed concrete test methods Part 3: Steel for prestressed concrete English version" (ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 take measures such as isolation and watering to prevent dust, and clean up the waste within the specified time limit.

2.4 it is not allowed to melt asphalt at the construction site, and it is strictly prohibited to incinerate all kinds of waste such as decorative waste, linoleum, paint, garbage containing toxic and harmful chemical components at the construction site.

2.4 closed transportation vehicles or covering measures should be used for the transportation of earthwork, muck and construction waste.

2.5 Measures shall be taken at the entrance and exit of the construction site to ensure the cleanness of vehicles

2.6 the construction site shall determine the operation time of earthwork backfilling and transfer according to the specific conditions of wind and atmospheric humidity

2.7 cement and other fine-grained building materials that are easy to fly should be stored in a closed manner, and bulk materials such as sand and gravel should be covered

2.8 the concrete mixing place at the construction site shall be closed and dust reduction measures shall be taken

2.9 the construction waste in the building shall be lifted or transported in a special closed container, and it is strictly prohibited to throw it in the air

2.10 a closed garbage station should be set up on the construction site. Construction garbage and domestic garbage should be stored by classification and removed from the site in time

2.11 the exhaust emission of mechanical equipment and vehicles at the construction site shall meet the requirements of national environmental protection emission standards

2.12 assign special personnel to clean the environment around the construction site every day to keep the environment clean

3. Prevention and control of water pollution

3.1 drainage ditches and sedimentation tanks should be set up on the construction site, and on-site wastewater should not be directly discharged into municipal sewage pipes and rivers

3.2 special warehouses should be set up for the oil and chemical solvents stored on site, and the ground should be treated against leakage

3.3 the canteen should be equipped with oil separator and should be cleaned in time

3.4 the septic tank of the toilet should be treated with impermeability

3.5 the drainage pipelines of canteens, washrooms and showers should be set up for isolation and connected with municipal sewage pipelines to ensure smooth drainage

3.6 it is strictly prohibited to dump toxic and harmful objects such as chemical solvents and oils into the nearby vegetable garden

4. Prevention and control of construction noise pollution

4.1 control measures for artificial noise

4.1.1 civilized construction is advocated at the construction site, and a management system for controlling artificial noise is established and improved. Try to reduce artificial noise and enhance the consciousness of all construction personnel to prevent noise from disturbing the residents

4.2 control of strong noise operation time

4.2.1 where strong noise operation is carried out in densely populated areas, the operation time shall be strictly controlled. The night operation shall not exceed 22 o'clock, and the morning operation shall not be earlier than 6 o'clock. If continuous operation (or night operation) is required under special circumstances, noise reduction measures shall be taken as far as possible, the work of the surrounding people shall be done in advance, and the construction can be carried out only after reporting to the local environmental protection bureau for filing

4.3 noise reduction measures for strong noise machinery

4.3.1 the processing and manufacturing operations of finished and semi-finished products that produce strong noise (such as prefabricated components, aluminum alloy door and window production, etc.) should be completed in the daytime as far as possible to reduce the noise caused by processing and manufacturing on the construction site

4.3.1 try to choose construction machinery with low noise and noise reduction equipment. The machinery with strong noise (such as mixer, electric saw, electric planer, grinding machine, etc.) on the construction site shall be provided with closed machinery shed to reduce the diffusion of strong noise

4.4 strengthen the noise monitoring at the construction site

4.4.1 the safety officer of the project department shall monitor the environmental noise at the construction site regularly and irregularly, and form monitoring records. If the measurement results exceed the standard of noise limits at the construction site, the relevant factors that exceed the standard of noise limits at the construction site shall be adjusted in time, so as to achieve the purpose that the construction noise does not disturb the residents

5. Prevention and control of construction lighting pollution

5.1 night construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the construction administrative department and relevant departments, and the type and brightness of construction lighting fixtures shall be strictly controlled to reduce the impact of construction lighting on urban residents with the use of new equipment

6. Prevention (4) new material characteristics cluster expansion engineering treatment of construction solid waste pollution

6.1 construction vehicles transport sand and stone "Christopher Wilson, senior vice president of ultra-high polymers of Solvay polymer global business line, explained that earthwork, muck and construction waste should be sealed and covered to avoid leakage and scattering, and dumped to the designated place to prevent solid waste from polluting the environment

v. inspection and assessment of the implementation of measures:

1. The implementation of this control measure shall be inspected and assessed by the company's engineering management department

2. The Engineering Department of the company checks the implementation of measures of the project department while checking the safety production at the construction site. If the measures are not implemented or not implemented in place, the project department will be given economic punishment according to the relevant provisions of the company

3. If the company or other administrative penalty enforcement agencies receive complaints from nearby residents or other units or individuals against the project department, the company will impose economic penalties on the project department and order the complaint to be handled within a time limit. The project department will investigate all relevant persons and impose economic penalties

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