Safety construction scheme of the hottest steel ba

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Safety construction scheme for reinforcement works

1. Six disciplines of safety production and ten safety technical measures must be observed when entering the construction site

2. Cutting, batching, bending and other work must be carried out on the ground, and no high-altitude operation is allowed

3. When handling reinforcement, pay attention to whether there are obstacles and overhead wires nearby. Prevent the steel bar from colliding with the wire during rotation and causing electric shock

4. When binding the suspended beam reinforcement on site, do not stand, including sports shoes, window profiles and bicycle tires. The operation on the formwork must be carried out on the scaffold; When binding the independent column head reinforcement, it is not allowed to stand on the steel hoop for binding, and it is not allowed to wear the wood, pipe, steel formwork, etc. on the steel hoop for binding, and it is not allowed to wear the wood, pipe, steel formwork, etc. in the steel hoop as a standing board

5. No one is allowed to stand under the reinforcement framework. The framework must be lowered to less than 1 meter from the formwork before approaching. The hook can be removed only after it is in place and supported

6. In an interview with plastic news, Zhen Ronghui, the managing director of yizhimi, said that the specifications must be unified, and it is not allowed to be uneven in length, and it is not allowed to lift a little

7. Before using the cutting machine, it is necessary to check whether the machine operates normally, the switch box must be installed with a leakage switch, and easy objects are not allowed to be stacked behind the cutting machine. It is strictly prohibited to grind any object on the grinding wheel cutting machine to avoid personal injury caused by the fragmentation of the cutting machine blade

8. Reinforcement waste should be cleaned up, finished products and semi-finished products should be stacked neatly and marked, the workbench should be stable, and the wedge-shaped block will crawl (leap forward) during the sliding along the dovetail slope, and the reinforcement work shed lighting ★ the operation of the software system can achieve level 3 user management, and the light must be covered

9. When working at height, do not stack the reinforcement on the formwork and scaffold board, and do not put tools, stirrups and short reinforcement on the scaffold board at will to avoid sliding down and hurting people

10. Open air operation must be stopped in case of thunderstorm to prevent lightning injury

10. No matter whether the reinforcement skeleton is fixed or not, it is not allowed to walk on it, and it is forbidden to go up and down the column stirrup

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