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Safety control measures for the construction of tideland reclamation project

I. Analysis of the construction characteristics and unsafe factors in the construction of tideland reclamation project

the organized and purposeful reclamation of tideland has a long history in China. However, in the early years, the reclamation activities mainly complied with the rising trend of beach siltation, and built Seawalls in the front of high beaches, which not only played the role of flood control and Taiwan resistance, but also achieved the purpose of benefiting the land since the 810S of the 21st century. As the construction is carried out in high beach, it is basically not affected by the tide, and the construction conditions are no different from ordinary land construction. Since the structure is relatively simple and the construction mainly depends on manpower, the construction safety only needs to be controlled according to the routine, and generally there will be no major and serious safety accidents.

in recent years, with the continuous promotion of China's reform and opening up, the upsurge of economic construction has been higher and higher, and the engineering construction industry has also achieved unprecedented development. However, coastal areas, especially large and medium-sized coastal cities, are increasingly in short supply of land resources, and the vigorous development of coastal reclamation projects provides a good solution to this increasingly prominent contradiction. Due to the urgent need of urban development for land resources, reclamation must be carried out on low beaches where conditions permit, provided that reclamation of high beaches has been basically completed and there should be no obvious eccentricity between its head and the counterbore.

compared with high beach reclamation, low beach reclamation project must be constructed in order to catch up with the tide. The effective operation time is short, and the operation site is far away from the shoreline, so the construction is much more difficult. In addition, there are also great differences in construction methods. For the currently widely used hydraulic reclamation construction method, in addition to the necessary labor, the earthwork is mainly constructed by mechanical equipment, including hydraulic reclamation unit equipment for the embankment and special offshore construction ships for Hydraulic Reclamation in the enclosure. All these add uncertainties to the safety control in the construction process. In recent years, some malignant accidents have indeed occurred in the practice of reclamation. Therefore, how to take measures in the construction to minimize the occurrence of safety accidents has become the primary issue to be solved in the reclamation project.

there are many unsafe factors in the reclamation project. First of all, systematic classification and identification should be carried out so that the safety control personnel can take targeted measures to control them.

according to the part of the unsafe factors, it can be divided into unsafe factors in the operation area and unsafe factors in the production area. The unsafe factors in the operation area can be divided into two categories: Sea and beach, in which the sea mainly refers to construction ships, and beach refers to tide driving operations, construction power, transportation, etc. Unsafe factors in living quarters mainly include fire control, health and public security.

according to the source of unsafe factors, it can be divided into unsafe factors of people, objects and environment.

the following is the source of unsafe factors. Combined with the specific operation methods of safety control in the reclamation project in which the author participated in recent years, this paper discusses the safety control measures in the construction of reclamation project.

II. Control of human unsafe factors

human unsafe factors mainly refer to people's improper acts or omissions, which are the most critical and active factors in unsafe factors. The quality of control effect is directly related to water absorption: the determination standard isodpl707 is related to the success or failure of the whole project.

the control of human unsafe factors mainly starts from two aspects: improving individual safety prevention initiative and implementing strict organizational guarantee.

the method to improve individual safety prevention initiative is mainly to carry out mass safety education and training on the whole site, put forward specific safety construction requirements and precautions according to the project construction environment and operation requirements, so that operators can understand the correct operation methods and site safety regulations, and carry out professional special safety education for the construction of special types of work and important parts. In this way, each operator on the whole site has the necessary safety awareness, which reduces the possibility of accidents from the source of the accident.

organizational guarantee includes improving the safety management organization system and implementing safety management rules and regulations.

before the commencement of the project, the construction (supervision) unit can be responsible for the design and establishment of the safety production management network of the whole project. The safety production management network can be divided into three levels. The basic level is the safety construction assurance system of the construction unit, the middle level is the safety supervision engineer of the supervision unit, and the upper level is the safety production leading group composed of the on-site principals of each participating unit. All relevant personnel of safety production shall regularly supervise and inspect the safety construction assurance system, rules and regulations, safety facilities, safety technology, etc., to ensure the effectiveness of safety production management network.

the construction unit shall prepare construction safety technical measures and safety construction assurance system before construction, carry out on-site safety standardization management during construction, resolutely implement relevant safety construction regulations and work safety production requirements, and implement the post system. The construction project department shall set up safety accounts and full-time safety officers, and establish and implement the safety production management system of each report, weekly meeting and monthly special inspection.

the safety supervision engineer shall prepare detailed rules for the implementation of safety supervision before commencement, which shall be implemented after being reviewed and approved by the director. The safety supervision engineer must regularly check the implementation of the safety measures of the construction unit, and urge the construction unit to make technical disclosure of safety management and improve relevant procedures before the commencement of each process. During construction, the safety supervision engineer shall often conduct patrol inspection, spot check and on-site supervision at the construction site. In case of any contradiction between production and safety, the principle of giving priority to ensuring safety must be followed. Meanwhile, unsafe factors must be timely put forward in writing to the construction unit to urge it to rectify within a time limit. The safety supervision engineer can also formulate practical regulations on rewards and penalties for work safety, which will be implemented after being submitted to the construction unit for approval, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each project participant, especially the safety personnel, and require the use of non-magnetic materials to strengthen the daily construction safety control from everyone's vital interests.

in addition to regularly listening to the dynamic report of safety production, the leading group of safety production is mainly responsible for organizing regular or irregular safety production inspection on the whole site, informing the inspection results and mobilizing the enthusiasm of all construction personnel for safety production in combination with rewards and punishments.    

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