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Material handling safety control measures

material handling is still in progress. The strategic opportunity period refers to the refining, separation, filtration, blending, washing, grinding, drying, packaging, material capture, recycling and other non chemical reactive processing processes with the advantages of high efficiency of materials. Its safety control measures:

1 The handling and conveying devices of various materials must have reliable safety and health protection measures

there should be different safety and health protection measures for handling or transporting different materials. For example, if the liquid material has the characteristics of flammability, explosion and toxicity, its safety protection should be provided with anti volatilization and dissipation facilities, electrostatic elimination, grounding devices, electromechanical equipment that conforms to the on-site explosion-proof level and uses copolymerization modification to make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as fire-proof materials through half a year of use measures. In case of powder handling or conveying, there shall be a dust catching or filtering device to prevent dust from escaping. When the conveying device is a long-distance conveying device, there should be a multi-point stop switch or an automatic signal stop device in case of failure; When handling or transporting materials under pressure, which is easy to produce differential pressure or material backflow, safety devices such as sound check valve or fire stop] liquid seal to prevent material backflow should be installed. All protective facilities shall be intact and effective

2. There must be safety and sanitary treatment measures for the discharge outlet of combustible, flammable or toxic substances

3. The packaging of various materials must meet the safety requirements for storage and transportation, with necessary safety signs and detailed and accurate instructions

4. Necessary safety measures and labor protection measures must be taken for the packaging posts of hazardous chemicals

5. The material capture and recovery device or equipment must have a good capture and recovery effect that meets the safety and health requirements, and have its assurance measures

6. The devices, equipment and pipelines handling and transporting materials must be inspected at any time and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in good condition

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