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Safety checklist of woodworking machinery/safety checklist of woodworking circular saw machine

safety checklist of woodworking circular saw machine

during the operation of circular saw machine, the sawtooth injury accident can be avoided by pushing the wood with tools. The best way to combine performance and economy is to use automatic feeding device, but there are still many manual operations, so it is very important to ensure that the devices to prevent hand contact work. Due to the different equipment, environment and processing parts, the application of automatic feeding and hand contact prevention devices is limited. Therefore, giving full play to the role of various safety devices and operating procedures and strengthening people's safety awareness can fundamentally eliminate the hand injury accident of circular saws. The wood material is always unreasonably matched with the man-machine. Not standing in a safe position is also a factor that causes circular saws to hurt people, which cannot be ignored

woodworking circular saw machine safety checklist

1 equipment inspection

1.1 universal woodworking circular saw machine

1.1.1 the cantilever is firmly fixed, and the V-shaped guide rail is free of defects

1.1.2 the cantilever adjusting device should be intact and locked reliably

1.1.3 the bracket and the positioning and stop device on the bracket should be intact, with accurate positioning and reliable stop

1.1.4 the limit device of the front and rear sliding of the bracket should be sensitive and reliable

1.1.5 roll on and roll off shall be installed firmly and rolled flexibly. The ball is broken, missing or the rolling rail is loose. It is strictly prohibited to use

1.1.6 the saw shaft shall be free from obvious deformation or damage

1.1.7 the flange should be free of cracks or damage

1.1.8 the machine tool should be grounded (zero) and clearly marked

1.1.9 the saw blade protective cover should be intact and adjustable

1.2 manual feeding woodworking circular saw machine

1.2.1 when the saw shaft rotates, the radial runout should be less than or equal to 0.02mm, and the axial runout should be less than or equal to 0.02mm

1.2.2 the flange should be intact, and cracks or damaged flanges are forbidden

1.2.3 the workbench adjusting device is intact and locked reliably

1.2.4 the machine tool shall have protective grounding (zero) and obvious signs

1.2.5 the saw blade protective cover, chip removal cover and belt protective cover should be intact and firm

1.2.6 the distance between the bottom of the fixed or manually adjusted saw blade protective cover and the workpiece should be less than or equal to 20mm. The automatically adjusted protective cover should be used. When the machine tool is not working, it should be completely covered and sawed. When working, it can automatically adjust the covering range in the future according to the thickness of the workpiece

1.2.7 the saw teeth of the circular saw blade should be sharp and have side clearance. Circular saw blades with large cracks or deformation that have developed rich energy-saving schemes from various angles are forbidden

1.2.8 the longitudinal cutting guide plate should be adjusted flexibly and locked reliably

1.2.9 the length of the push rod should be about 30mm larger than the diameter of the saw blade

2 behavior check

2.1 feed slowly during sawing, and it is strictly prohibited to use excessive force or the workpiece does not distinguish or twist the saw blade

2.2 when the machine tool breaks down or the saw blade is blunt, stop the machine immediately and cut off the power supply

2.3 when the saw blade rotates, it is forbidden to directly remove wood blocks and sundries on both sides of the saw blade by hand

2.4 irregular workpieces shall not be processed on the circular saw, and the sawed workpieces shall not be pulled back in the opposite direction

2.5 the sawing machine must be stopped for adjustment

2.6 the cutting capacity of the wood sawing machine should not be too large

2.7 when the cutting length is less than 500mm, the width is less than 60mm or the wood is to be finished, it should be pushed gently with wooden strips

2.8 people should avoid the rotation direction of the saw disc, and their hands or human bodies should not touch the serrations

2.9 when the saw blade does not stop, it is forbidden to brake with sticks or other things

3 working environment

3.1 the equipment shall be provided with fire, dust, rain and sun protection measures outdoors

3.2 the machine tool should be installed in a special site. If there is no condition, it should be isolated by a partition screen or protective screen

3.3 there should be enough spacious working space around the machine tool to ensure the convenience and safety of operation and maintenance

3.4 the research focus of lignin plastics is still on Compatibilization technology. How to simply and effectively improve the compatibility between lignin and resin is the key to the wide use of lignin in the plastic industry; In addition, the technology of using lignin as matrix to produce fully degradable high molecular materials through graft polymerization, such as lignin grafted methyl methacrylate lighting, should meet the requirements

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