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The new progress of digital printing technology

1, the technical characteristics of digital printing machine

the printing process of digital jet printing system has been fundamentally changed compared with the traditional printing process. The process flow is design, jet printing and post-processing, which saves the installation of draft tracing, film making (or engraving), screen (or circle), and simplifies the process of equipment debugging, pulp mixing, etc; It also simplifies equipment such as film making machines (or making machines, engraving machines) and consumables such as film, silk, rollers, etc. The technical features and advantages are as follows: printing can reduce the quality of the car by 30% - 40%. In the process of digitization, what you see is what you get. As long as there are several basic colors, the computer can automatically match the colors and match the flowers accurately. The error is small, and the data storage will never fade. High quality production, high precision, rich color levels; It cannot be pirated, and the printing accuracy is 180~11440dpi, which can achieve the photo effect. The printing process is simple and the production preparation time is short; All digital processing, no system. Flexible production, suitable for personalized, small batch, effectively reduce inventory. Cost has nothing to do with output; Proofing and small batch production are economical. Green and environmental protection, using dyes on demand, less pollution, and equipment investment of about 500000 yuan

2. The development of digital printing technology

traditional printing is inseparable from flat and round printing. However, the cost and time consumed in plate making can not meet the modern printing trend of small batch and multiple varieties no matter what, so a plate free and pressure free digital printing has been developed. Its basic principle is the same as that of inkjet printer. Digital jet printing is a system engineering, involving CAD technology, communication technology to avoid unsafe accidents, and cutting-edge technologies such as precision machining technology and fine chemical technology. It is the product of the integration of information technology and traditional technologies such as machinery, textile and chemical industry. At present, a variety of new digital jet printing machines have emerged, mainly using piezoelectric nozzles; The highest printing speed has developed from LH in 1990 and 6h in 2000 to 80~150h; Use dyes from 4 colors to 12-16 colors; The application technology is becoming more and more mature; The functions of the control software are gradually improved. The development of digital jet printing technology has basically changed from continuous shooting to on-demand jet printing, from hot bubble nozzle to piezoelectric nozzle, and from 4 colors to 6~8 colors. At present, the development of digital printing technology is showing a trend that all Heroes rise together and a hundred flowers bloom

3. Application of digital printing technology

at present; Digital printing technology can not only be applied to personalized, small batch production and proofing of printing and dyeing enterprises, but also has entered the field of batch production. In Europe, orders within 500 meters are basically taken by digital printing machines. There have been many new printing and dyeing enterprises that only use digital printing systems, which are combined with network design, network production and network sales, and have achieved good economic benefits. Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has assisted enterprises in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places to establish many proofing workshops using digital printing, which has improved the overall economic efficiency of the enterprise. In Thailand, Malaysia and China, a number of factories for mass production of digital printing products have been established, and all of them have entered a profitable State. Digital jet printing technology can produce tens of thousands of colors with only a few primary colors, so that small samples can be provided to customers within 24 hours. It is very convenient to group GF outside the resin according to customers' needs, so that GF can be woven in small batches or even single piece production, and the design and color can also be arbitrary; When digital jet printing technology is further combined with information network technology, it can carry out three-dimensional simulation and customization for customers on the network, and realize a completely personalized business model. In a word, digital jet printing technology has fundamentally changed the traditional printing principle and is a revolutionary change to the traditional printing method. Digital jet printing has the advantages of saving water, dyes and chemicals, which is beneficial to environmental protection and meets the needs of mass customization production. The development and promotion of digital jet printing machine will promote the digital upgrading of domestic textile industry and improve the international competitiveness of China's textile industry

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