New development of the hottest heavy machine tool

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New development of heavy machine tool industry

development trend

heavy machine tools have basically realized flexible and composite processing. In the future, the development direction is mainly to develop large combined composite processing machine tools, that is, the combination of two main machines into a composite processing machine tool. Because the processing parts that need to be completed by heavy machine tools are mostly single pieces and small batches, their processes are complex, the auxiliary time and processing cycle are long, and the completion of all processing procedures by one machine tool is limited, It can be realized by two combined machining centers

world pattern

the competitive pattern of the world's heavy machine tool manufacturing industry is changing, which is mainly reflected in the high concentration of manufacturers, the increasingly small gap in product technology level, the outstanding demand for high chemical resistance by users, the development of market demand from quantitative demand to qualitative demand, and the higher technical requirements for heavy machine tool products

since the 1990s, some famous foreign heavy-duty manufacturers have changed their doors, especially the German heavy-duty machine tool manufacturing industry, which used to be the world's leading level, has declined due to the long-term depression of the world machine tool market. For example, famous manufacturers such as Schiess, couburg, Siegen and so on no longer exist as independent market competitors, and the world's heavy-duty machine tool competitors are relatively weakened

domestic pattern

at present, the main domestic manufacturers in the heavy machine tool industry include: Wuzhong, Qiyi, Qier, Qingzhong, Shangzhong, Xianfeng, Beiyi, Jier, etc

with the change of market demand, the competitive pattern of domestic heavy machine tool industry has been broken. The manufacturers have developed from several to dozens of manufacturers, and the product technology level has developed rapidly. Compared with foreign products, the gap is becoming smaller and smaller. The development and progress of China's heavy machine tool industry has been highly valued by the industry in the world


how to correctly understand the competitive situation of the heavy machine tool market and the position and competitiveness of the domestic heavy machine tool manufacturing industry in the international market and make an accurate positioning, so as to continuously improve the competitiveness in the competition with foreign manufacturers, is the current problem to be considered by the industry

for many years, Germany and Italy have been the main foreign heavy machine tools entering the Chinese market. Among the imported heavy machine tool products, the vast majority are medium and high-end CNC products, among which the products of Germany and Italy are more, and represent the world's advanced level. Affected by the depression of the world machine tool market, Germany's heavy machine tool manufacturing industry is gradually declining, but it still cannot be ignored. Italian heavy machine tool enterprises have always been in development, and have developed very rapidly in recent years, with a great potential to replace Germany. The development of heavy machine tool manufacturing in Spain is also impressive, which will undoubtedly pose a certain threat to domestic enterprises. Therefore, in the future market competition, China's heavy machine tool enterprises will mainly face the competition from Germany, Italy and Spain


compared with foreign products, the structural difference between domestic products and foreign products is not big, and the new technology adopted is also similar. The biggest difference is the running speed, accuracy and reliability of the core transmission components, as well as the manufacturing process level and quality of the whole machine tool, which is the biggest advantage of foreign products. Although the technology of domestic manufacturers is slightly inferior to the foreign advanced level, they also have some advantages conducive to competition, and have great advantages in manufacturing capacity and price. Ultra heavy machine tools have reached the contemporary international advanced level. Nearly ten 16 meter CNC single column vertical lathes have been produced in China, but few in foreign countries. Now, Wuzhong is producing a 20 meter CNC single column vertical milling lathe for Shanghai Port Machinery Factory, with a workbench bearing 550 tons; For a private enterprise in Fuchunjiang, Zhejiang Province, we produce an 18 meter CNC single column vertical lathe with a workbench diameter of 10 meters and a load-bearing capacity of 600 tons; It also produces a world's largest Super Heavy CNC sleeper car for Dongfang Electric Machinery Factory, with a processing diameter of 5 meters, a length of 20 meters, and a load-bearing capacity of 500 tons. German Schiess Brighton company and Shanghai Electric Group (Lingang nuclear power processing base) signed a 22 meter CNC vertical milling lathe with a workbench diameter of 12.5 meters, a main power of 240kw, a load of 600 tons, and a c-axis milling head, of which 90% of the parts are made in China


Premier Wen said, "machine tools are the working machine of the equipment manufacturing industry. The modernization of the equipment manufacturing industry depends on the development level of China's machine tools". The domestic machine tool industry has ushered in great opportunities

since the 1990s, foreign famous heavy-duty manufacturers have changed their doors, and the world's heavy-duty machine tool competitors have been relatively weakened

China is moving towards heavy chemical industry, becoming the world's largest machine tool consumer market, and accelerating the development of the machine tool industry

China is gradually integrating into the world economic integration, and foreign famous businesses have invested and built factories in China under the same output and melt quality. China has become the largest processing plant in the world. As a basic equipment industry, it should have a good development prospect

the technology of domestic heavy-duty machine tools has matured, and the gap with foreign advanced technology is narrowing, and most products can reach 1 Qc/t211 ⑴ 996 "test method for light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds" meets the needs of users. Its manufacturing capacity has entered the forefront of the world, while the manufacturing capacity of foreign heavy machine tool manufacturers is weakening


there are more and more domestic heavy machine tool manufacturers, and the market competition is more intense, which will usher in a new round of market reshuffle and positioning

China's machine tool market has become the target of international competition, and the world's machine tool manufacturers are optimistic about it, which will face great pressure from international competition

compared with the foreign advanced level, the technical level of heavy machine tools is slightly inferior, mainly reflected in the level of manufacturing technology and reliability, which has become the biggest obstacle to the competition with foreign advanced products

this proportion of domestic heavy machine tool manufacturing enterprises is no longer low in the chemical industry, and the manufacturing capacity is very strong. However, the main reason for becoming larger but not refined is that the processing equipment is backward, the NC rate is very low, especially the lack of high-precision processing equipment

domestic enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation, and this situation must be quickly changed, because the market demand characteristics of single piece and small batch of heavy machine tools determine the higher and faster requirements for technological innovation

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