New development of the hottest packaging industry

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The new development of packaging industry

glass SiOx coating: for the packaging industry, the SiOx coating technology of glass is more and more experienced. The gradually thinning coating layer helps glass containers occupy a considerable part of the market, especially the packaging field of perishable products. Being able to withstand the mechanical pressure during forming, filling and sealing, which is related to the safety of users, reduce the damage of packaging, and improve the protection function of products are the strengths of SiOx coating

standard 1. Wear resistant modified engineering plastic label industry: the trend of label industry is the unification of complete information system and more reliable information. Including the complete acquisition of data transferred in the industry and the data readability of downstream packaging system with the help of customer software. The typical application fields are fresh product packaging and packaging in the reservation and preparation system

high transparency plastic tube: high transparency plastic tube is made of selected materials and is the most ideal package for cosmetics. The mirror image of the back plate of the high transparency plastic pipe can also be seen clearly on the outside. The combination of front and back mirrors and highly transparent liquid creates a perfect three-dimensional image. It can also provide additional information and increase artistic effect. And the texture of the body makes these personal effects easy to grasp when using

fruit juice beverage market: Although the Western European consumer market includes various new beverages, such as alcoholic soft drinks and iced tea, mixed drinks are still the mainstream of the market, and packaging provides them with high added value, convenience and integrity. Packaging also builds product image and trademark. PET bottles adopt leading technology, making various sizes and volumes possible. In four years, the global consumption of pet has increased from 3.3 million tons in 1996 to 6.5 million tons in 2000. Soft drinks and mineral water are the main application markets. The good barrier property of PET bottle has made a breakthrough in its application. The barrier coating can be 3-5 layers, and the shelf life of the product is as high as 9 to 12 months

decorative design of tinplate: the decorative design of tinplate cans adopts new decorative metal pigments combined with white, gold and silver, which is a favorite color combination of breweries. Waterless dry offset printing solves the image problem and can almost reproduce the quality of photos. Digital printing allows the change of printing content during printing operation, saving equipment adjustment time. The photos taken on the machine can be directly input into the printer

double chamber can: the invention of double chamber can quickly opened the market. This technology can separate some sensitive substances, turn them on, and then put them together. Special applications, such as milk and functional drinks, are compatible with vitamins, biological additives and trace elements. Another significant application area is the development of self cooling tank system. After opening the can, the refrigerant begins to volatilize, and the beverage can reach a lower temperature within a certain time. What needs to be done now is to further improve the cooling rate

glass: the quality of the electronic tensile testing machine produced is also different. The advantages of glass in molding, color, design, product compatibility and performance stability make it the most versatile packaging material. But the danger of substitution from other materials has also increased the glass industry [speed up the process of research and development. Some projects are quite meaningful, such as: wider chromatography, lighter weight, stronger, polishing technology has brought colorful colors to this dull bottle or some decorative bottles. The special powder coating has an excellent effect of protecting the outer surface, making the product more visually attractive. Heat transfer direct printing technology also makes high-quality photographic design and printing possible.

lightweight problem has been solved It has attracted wide attention and made great progress. The original weight of the 0.5-liter long neck recyclable reusable bottle is 400 grams, which has been turned down by 37.5%. The horizontal error in the vertical and horizontal directions of the worktable of the gross weight Hong light host in the existing plastic wicker box should not exceed 0.2/1000; About 3kg. The crown cap adopts a special design. With the help of a wall recess at the bottom of the bottle, it can be reused so that the beer bottle can be used many times

with the renewal of products and the change of household population, the range of 2-liter household feed is becoming wider and wider, such as iced tea, water, fruit juice drinks, etc. at the same time, mini packages for adults and children are also increasing. Traditional brick packaging has been increasingly replaced by packaging with different characteristics, and even eye-catching cans have been replaced. Free pouring is achieved through an integral screw cover with an opening plate. The natural design of the relative direction curve of the front and back of the carton saves a certain amount of storage space

convenient packaging: the convenience of product distribution and use has become a favorable tool for successfully opening the market. Lightweight, easy to open, easy to carry, reusable, resealable, safety, authenticity, reasonable packaging size, shelf life, etc. are all characteristics related to convenience. Convenience is undoubtedly the development trend of the global food industry and other product packaging

take trigger spray products as an example, and its focus is to improve convenience and safety. The new spray device has two advantages: it is easy for adults to use and safer for children. It also has the function of preventing cheating. The preloading system ensures the correct dose control, which is independent of the change of trigger pressure. The design of the valve also ensures that a stable and uniform spray can be obtained regardless of the position of the bottle

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