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Gkong news on November 5, a seminar on the new development of power automation technology jointly sponsored by the instrument and device Professional Committee of the Chinese society of automation and other units was successfully held in Shanghai. Experts from electric power design institutes, power companies and large domestic thermal power plants, as well as suppliers of automation equipment attended the meeting

at the meeting, the experts discussed the new development of power system automation from many aspects, such as the utilization of international new energy, the automation technology of domestic large-scale power plants, the automation system of nuclear power plants and the automation of power supply systems, and provided specific cases and solutions

it is understood that the current domestic power supply, on the one hand, thermal power plant units from the original 300000, 600000 units, to the current 900000, 1million high-efficiency supercritical units; On the other hand, on the basis of traditional coal-fired power, we have vigorously developed nuclear power, hydropower and other clean energy, and supported new energy (such as solar energy, wind energy, etc.)

with the rise of the green industrial revolution, low carbon has become an important goal of current economic construction. The main content of low-carbon economy is energy conservation and emission reduction, which is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions; Advanced automation technology is an effective weapon to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in various industries. Automation enterprises have huge market space in the process of developing low-carbon economy

in the era of low-carbon economy, automation enterprises actively expand important markets such as smart electricity, energy and motor energy conservation. In the first Five-Year Plan under the normal network conditions of the National Tenth Five Year Plan, the huge amount of power investment has led to a sharp increase in the demand for power transmission and transformation and automatic equipment of power self closing oil delivery valve. The market expects that the total investment of the two major power companies will reach 1400billion yuan in the next three years. All of the above, once the salt water reuse project enters the industrial trial production, it will bring huge business opportunities for enterprises engaged in power automation. Of course, plastics also include composite machines, and meet a vigorous development opportunity

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