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Jiang Tuo: new development of Liugong accessory industry under the new normal

JIANG Tuo: new development of Liugong accessory industry under the new normal

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on October 30, 2014, the 2014 China Construction Machinery Accessory Industry annual meeting with the theme of "rational development and exploration of ways to break the ice" was grandly held in Tianjin, aiming to help the majority of Chinese construction machinery accessory enterprises break the deadlock and get out of difficulties, Explore the rational development path of construction machinery supporting enterprises

China's construction machinery industry is an important part of the country's real economy, and the construction machinery accessories industry, as a basic industry, is an important guarantee for the industrial upgrading and technological progress of China's construction machinery industry. If the accessories are strong, China's construction machinery is strong. Then it is worth discussing the development status of China's construction machinery supporting enterprises. At this annual meeting, Mr. Jiang Tuo, director of the Hydraulic Research Institute of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of Liuzhou Liugong Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd., gave a detailed account of the development of Liugong supporting parts, so that we can see some microcosms of the development of China's construction machinery supporting industry through Liugong supporting parts

development status of China's construction machinery accessories industry

after years of rapid development, China's construction machinery industry has leapt to the world's largest construction machinery market, and the scientific and technological content of some machinery and equipment. Rogers Corporation's high elastic material solutions division recently released a new product -- thin aquapro 37 (aquapro 37 thin), which has reached the international leading level. Indeed, China's construction machinery industry has achieved good results. But we can't avoid it. In recent years, the construction machinery market has been in a downturn. As shown in the figure below, according to the statistics in September 2014, the sales volume of loaders and excavators in each month since 2013 has been at the lowest in recent years; The reason is: Construction Machinery (loaders, excavators) is mainly used for highway and railway construction, real estate development, mines, ports, stockyards, etc., while the construction of highways and railways is nearing the end, the real estate market is also on the edge of collapse, most of the mining is completed, and the machinery of ports and stockyards is also close to saturation; In this market downturn, the development of the construction machinery industry needs the stimulation of the national economy, but what we are facing is not the high investment in 2011 to stimulate the market, but the "new normal" economic development

China's economy has entered a critical period of transformation. The "three periods" of shifting growth rate, painful period of structural adjustment and digestion period of early stimulus policies are superimposed, and various contradictions and problems are intertwined. Turning to the "new normal" is not a year-on-year adjustment

what is the new normal? The "new" of the new normal means different from the past; The "normality" of the new normal means relative stability, which is mainly manifested in appropriate economic growth rate, structural optimization and social harmony. The biggest feature of the "new normal" is that the speed "goes down" and the benefit "goes up"; It is characterized by medium high speed, excellent structure, new power and multiple challenges; Premier Li Keqiang previously said that in the coming period, China needs to ensure economic growth of at least 7% to ensure about 10million new jobs, which means that 7% economic growth is the bottom line of the new normal. From this point of view, the construction machinery will gradually shift from high-speed development to medium and high-speed development, and the domestic market will gradually stabilize

construction machinery is developing under the new normal, and what is the current production level of the supporting industry supporting construction machinery? China has a surplus of low-end supporting industries, but there are still technical bottlenecks in key supporting fields

in the field of hydraulic parts, ordinary medium and low pressure (middle and low-end) hydraulic parts have a lot of overcapacity, and high-end (high pressure and ultra-high pressure) hydraulic parts have made great progress, but there are still problems such as manufacturing bottlenecks, high costs, poor consistency and so on

in the field of transmission parts, the R & D level and means are about 30 years behind the international advanced level. There are few domestic enterprises that can bear the closed test means of working condition load spectrum loading, and the accuracy and performance of transmission gears are also far behind the international advanced level

in the field of castings, international brands are looking for supporting resources in China. Based on this, in recent years, casting technology has developed rapidly in China, and the technical content and quality of key castings directly supporting the whole machine have been significantly improved. International and domestic advanced production process equipment and methods have been widely used, and casting technology suitable for high strength, high toughness and green has also been rapidly applied

changes in Liugong's supporting industry under the new normal

the construction machinery market continues to be depressed and the sales volume continues to decline, but domestic hydraulic parts and transmission parts still cannot meet the demand. What is the reason? The reason can be found that most domestic accessory enterprises are backward in technology, single in products, unable to produce stable key accessories, and cannot adapt to the current economic development with the traditional development mode. In the face of these situations, Liugong parts has made corresponding adjustments in terms of the company's organizational structure, R & D strategy, product coverage, market expansion and so on

1 supporting industry companies have been established one after another, and coordinated development

Liugong supporting industry mainly includes hydraulic parts, transmission parts and castings. In November 2009, Liuzhou Liugong Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. was officially established, and in January 2013, Liuzhou Liugong transmission parts Co., Ltd. was established; In 2015, the foundry company will be established soon; The establishment of three supporting companies and their coordinated development have laid a good foundation for Liugong's market expansion. From the branch plant in 1989 to the business department in 2005, and then to the current company, through transformation and development, Liu Gong deeply realized that only facing the market and customers can he constantly revise himself, and only participating in competition can he constantly improve himself. At the same time, Liugong pursues high quality and comprehensively benchmarking and upgrading with reference to international benchmarks

2 changes in supporting strategies

Liugong pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the investment in research and development. In early years, Liugong has achieved excellence in the supporting industry of 50cn, 855n and other models in the way of independent research and development, but some models still cannot meet the demand. In order to change this situation, Liugong has made adjustments in research and development, and the supporting strategies will change from single independent research and development to independent research and development, collaborative development, cooperative development Transformation of the mode of coexistence of technology introduction

collaborative development: Liugong has all kinds of advanced construction machinery host production, and uses this resource to cooperate with the host to develop supporting parts suitable for various working conditions

cooperative development: strengthen cooperation with other manufacturers to jointly develop superior products; There is a saying that there is no eternal competitor, and the biggest competitor is also the biggest friend; Liugong hydraulic parts and transmission parts have cooperated with international advanced enterprises that can meet the expected performance requirements of medical device companies, and many projects have achieved excellent results. Now Liugong is also considering cooperating with some excellent domestic supporting enterprises to jointly develop the market, and has made some attempts

technology introduction: when we are carrying out research and development for lack of resources, Liugong can choose to introduce advanced technology to directly and quickly enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise

3 changes in product coverage models

previously, Liugong supporting equipment could only be supplied to loaders. Now, Liugong can supply loaders, excavators, bulldozers, graders, forklifts, excavators and loaders, cranes, sugarcane harvesters, etc; These changes stem from the changes and expansion of our products

4 market expansion

product expansion brings about the expansion of the scope of the available market, but it can not only meet the expansion of the scope. We should strengthen and expand the market; Facing the market competition directly, through the competition, Liugong transmission parts have been recognized in Lingong, and castings have been recognized by the market in the Ministry of Railways of China and New Holland Agricultural machinery of the United States

suggestions for the development of supporting industries

in China, the construction machinery market is developing steadily under the new normal, and its corresponding supporting industries are also developing steadily. There are still huge opportunities in the supporting market. Refer to the demand analysis of main hydraulic parts of construction machinery in the table below

the problem now is that there is fierce competition in the domestic supporting market in the low-end, repeated investment, and the progress of high-end supporting is slow, so the upgrading of technology cannot be achieved. At present, the focus of accessory enterprises is to consider how to realize the technological upgrading and strategic transformation of enterprises, so as to improve the profitability of the accessory industry. At the same time, accelerate the technological upgrading of host products, and achieve international standards as soon as possible. If domestic host accessories achieve international standards, the accessory industry will have unparalleled imagination

it is suggested that the supporting parts should develop in the following directions in terms of products:

hydraulic parts:

the focus is to break through the manufacturing technology bottleneck of high-end hydraulic parts as soon as possible, reduce costs, and achieve a high degree of consistency in quality

ordinary hydraulic technology carries out technological innovation and upgrading around energy conservation and consumption reduction

the focus of high-end hydraulic technology represented by excavators is to develop control technology, especially integrated intelligent control technology with high efficiency and energy saving

the medium and low-end hydraulic technology represented by loaders also needs to be upgraded

a) eliminate a large number of surplus low-end hydraulic parts

b) develop energy-saving high-pressure hydraulic system to replace the quantitative system with high energy consumption

c) develop energy-saving hydraulic mechanical transmission to partially replace high energy consumption hydraulic mechanical transmission

transmission parts:

the torque converter should change towards the trend of low-carbon, green and environmental protection, make breakthroughs in low-speed, free wheel and lockup clutch technology, and improve the fuel economy of products

the transmission should focus on the development of multi-mode fully automatic shift technology, hydrostatic transmission, CVT and hybrid technology

the drive axle should be quickly replaced by the wet axle to improve the reliability of the product, study the application of electronic differential, and increase the research and application of raw materials of gear and other transmission parts in terms of gears. 2. The handheld spectrometer should be operated to improve the performance and reliability of the product


driven by the new normal development economy, casting technology will develop towards high performance, high precision, lightweight, high efficiency, digitalization and intelligence, high quality, compounding, green manufacturing, etc

support and contribution to the government and industry

supporting parts are the core and key components of the whole machine, and the adjustment range of displacement speed in the R & D cycle is 0.01 (5) 00mm/min, and the control accuracy of displacement speed is: the speed is ≥ 1mm/min for a long time, which is difficult in technology, large in investment, slow in effectiveness, and the development has been restricted by international enterprises for a long time. In addition, due to the decline of the host business market, it is more difficult for supporting enterprises to operate, but this will not affect enterprises to make contributions to the industry and solve problems for the government:

expand the international market, bring GDP growth, and share worries for the government

the decline in GDP growth under the new normal has led to a reduction in the domestic market. The supporting industry not only brings profits to enterprises by opening up international markets, but also contributes to the government's GDP and solves problems for the government

cooperate and develop, and take the lead in creating a benign competitive environment in the industry

cooperate with other enterprises to develop and upgrade technology and products, build a benign industry environment, and contribute to the development of the industry

leading high-quality supporting enterprises in the industry

as a high-quality supporting enterprise in the industry, it leads other enterprises to develop towards high quality, good service and high cost performance

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