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New development of paper product packaging technology

nowadays, among the four major packaging materials in the packaging field, paper product packaging accounts for the largest proportion and is also the most promising green packaging material at present

cartons develop the production technology and complete sets of equipment for light-weight and heavy-duty corrugated cartons with light weight and high strength, including 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cartons, so as to meet the external packaging needs of medium and heavy products such as electromechanical products and household appliances. At present, with the diversified application of fine corrugated, fine corrugated cartons and fine cartons have largely replaced the original packaging cartons and cartons used in tobacco, alcohol, food, household goods, medicine, innovation driven development power, and constantly strengthened computers, clothing, cosmetics, detergents and other products. It has the advantages of low price, firmness and flatness, light and thin materials, and has begun to occupy the domestic and foreign markets rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 8% in China. The price of fine corrugated is low, and its cost is reduced by about 30% under the same use demand, which greatly saves the investment of paper; The fine corrugated is firm, flat, beautiful, and has good printing performance, saving about 30% of the base paper. The carton processing machine and drum die-cutting machine do not need to be replaced. It can be processed on the latest drum die-cutting machine with vacuum conveying equipment when the load is no longer rising, and even on the plate die-cutting machine. For example, Guangdong Zhaoqing Jialong Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the fake seven layer and fake nine layer multi-functional corrugated board production lines in China. That is to mix the "fine corrugated" into the traditional three, five and seven layer corrugated board production line, which can be freely combined into four and five layer corrugated board (a, e), (B, e), (C, e), (BC, e) except for a, B, C, e and BAC three, five and seven layer corrugated board. In the production and operation of the equipment, the compatibility of synchronous production of single-sided corrugated paper and three, five and seven layers of corrugated paper is enhanced, which saves regional energy for service personnel and reduces costs for packaging suppliers. It replaces the traditional carton and carton board, which is a major innovation. At present, the pseudo seven layer and pseudo nine layer multifunctional corrugated board production lines have been well applied and developed in East China, Central Plains, Northeast China and South China

at the same time, develop the low-cost flexible color printing process of coated white kraft paper and the corresponding water-based ink to improve the production of HRB: adopt the grade of 100kg load and 1.58mm diameter hardened steel spherulites, develop the equipment and auxiliary materials required for the production of high-quality bonded cartons, replace the traditional staple connection, and improve the overall quality of cartons. Develop low-cost fruit and vegetable packaging boxes and corrugated trays that are fresh-keeping, water-resistant, antibacterial and mold resistant; Develop high-speed vacuum adsorption corrugated rollers to improve the stability and efficiency of carton machinery; Develop electromechanical integration technology and module technology, realize the generalization of components, and gradually replace imports

paper containers develop the production technology of fine corrugated cartons and develop carton systems suitable for small batch and multi variety production. Develop the production technology of low-cost bags, boxes, cups, bowls, tubes, barrels and other small food packaging paper containers that meet the environmental requirements; Develop the production process and complete set of equipment of vacuum aluminum spraying transfer paperboard to replace the traditional gold paperboard. Develop high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision die-cutting equipment and its supporting die system, especially the round pressing die-cutting system

honeycomb paperboard development and development of a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-performance and high flexibility honeycomb paperboard production line suitable for China's national conditions, breaking through the current "bottleneck" affecting the large-scale promotion of honeycomb paperboard; Develop high-efficiency, high-precision, high-performance and high flexibility honeycomb paper production equipment suitable for China's national conditions; Develop and develop low-cost moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-counterfeiting honeycomb paperboard products production process and corresponding accessories. Special attention should be paid to the safety and health of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials in its development. The materials used for honeycomb paperboard products must be safe and hygienic, especially the materials in direct contact with commodities, which must meet the relevant hygienic standards

pulp mold development and development of new processes to improve the qualification rate and reliability of pulp molding production, making the production cost close to the EPS widely used at present; Develop the system of pulp molding product production line and its mold to meet the needs of small batch and multi variety production; Develop and develop the technology of directly using natural plant fiber materials such as straw to produce buffer packaging products, and accelerate the practical process of biological bacteria, protein denaturation and adhesive hot pressing; Developing a standardized and modular system for the design of pulp molded products can greatly reduce the production cost of products, improve the product grade, and form a new growth point of paper product packaging

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