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Ten kinds of consciousness of packaging and decoration designers (II)

2 leading consciousness

leading consciousness is very important. The leading consciousness is always young, always full of vitality, and always the leader of the market. As a packaging and decoration designer, your design works serve the market, so you must have a sense of advance. Only with a sense of advance can you make the designed product packaging go ahead with the products

how can decorators have such a sense of advance? In my opinion, we need to develop several habits:

(I) from the perspective of the market, it is very difficult to innovate in comparison, and it is impossible to innovate behind closed doors. Only by going out into the society, looking at the commodities and their packaging in the market, comparing them, and discovering the novel and original things and distinctive places among them, can we inspire our own creative inspiration by looking and comparing, and find out whether there will be something newer and inferior in our own image space, so as to improve our own level of creation and innovation. In addition to the above-mentioned innovation methods, you can also consider how to improve and change your own ideas on the basis of existing products or packaging. For your own ideas, you should also assume more new schemes, such as scheme a, scheme B, scheme C, scheme D, etc., and then establish a more "unique" and innovative scheme. You can take these plans to the people around you to solicit their opinions in many ways. If you can get the approval of most people, this plan will become a successful one

(II) dare to take the road that others have not taken.

innovation lies in thinking. Think of things that others haven't thought of, and go the way that others haven't gone. The so-called thinking, first of all, is to dare to think and often think. This kind of daring to think means that in terms of the major talent introduction projects such as the Taishan industrial leading talent project and the "double hundred foreign experts" plan, I have more ideas, more schemes, and sometimes even whimsical ideas for the decoration design I am engaged in. "Impractical"? It doesn't matter. The problem is to be able to think and dare to think, which is very valuable. For example, Mu Qizhong's imagination of blowing up the Himalayas and channeling the warm and humid air from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans is not possible, but it is understandable. For another example, in terms of corporate image construction, Wuliangye distillery has built an office building in the shape of wine bottles. It has a unique idea, a spectacular image and leaves a deep impression on people. In fact, even the flight into the sky and the submarine into the sea are all produced in the daring to think

in addition to daring to think, decoration designers should also think more, constantly think, think out new ideas, think out new ways, think out inspiration, think out new ways of expression, and have the spirit of "singing a poem and breaking thousands of roots". It should be pointed out that this kind of thinking does not mean cutting corners. It means to think up more good ideas, methods and ideas. At the same time, we should also think about the places that others have not thought about, think about the things that others have not thought about, and take the road that others have not taken. Only in this way can we keep the youth of creation forever and make the design works keep up with the times

3 advertising awareness

a good graphic design, including packaging, posters, display, etc., can not be separated from good advertising language as a foil. Because a good advertising language is not only the finishing touch of a work, but more importantly, it can attract a person's attention to go into the depths of a work or a product through the guidance of advertising language, or advertising language is the declaration of a work and product. In our daily life, it is not difficult to find this phenomenon if we pay attention to it casually. For example, the advertising language of Shuanghui wangzhongwang ham sausage is "the taste of wangzhongwang, the blessing of the world". Toyota's advertising slogan is "there must be a road before the mountain, and there must be a Toyota when there is a road". The advertisement of juer milk is "stepping into the new century, drinking out new trends" and so on. These advertising words are not only wonderful, concise, cultural, but also have a deep aftertaste, which is unforgettable

then, how should packaging designers establish this kind of advertising awareness? The author believes that:

(I) we should see that the advertising language is the eye of packaging or posters. If a good package or poster has no advertising language, just like a beautiful girl without eyes, it will naturally lose its luster and charm. Therefore, packaging and poster paintings are inseparable from advertising language. As designers, we must also pay attention to the role and value of this kind of advertising language, and leave space for it at any time. For example, the author recently saw several posters of the first printing factory in Henan province that were opened for a very short time: one was a photographic picture of a car; One is a photographic picture of a tap washing tomatoes; One is a combination of a rose and the underwater world. From the perspective of photography and printing, these pictures are more attractive, but the theme they want to express is not clear, because in addition to the above contents, there is only a line of nail size words in the lower right corner of the picture, which says the first printing plant in Henan Province, and nothing else. For this matter, I specially asked a person in charge of the factory for the intention of picture design, but the other party didn't answer the last sentence for a long time, and finally had to say: "that means my printed products are not bad.". In fact, if oneortwo sentences (fist size words) of advertising language appear along with the above picture, such as "old brand 2. Printing of upsetting straight rib rebar connector, a brand new look" (the factory is a famous old printing factory in Henan) or "it is clear enough to let you see the sweat hairs of ants", in this way, the effect of ensuring its publicity and printing will appear. Therefore, advertising language plays a very important role in a package or poster

(II) designers should learn to extract good advertising language for packaging (posters)

we should also see that sometimes advertising language is a theme of packaging and posters, or the best channel to help people move towards the theme of the picture, so it is inseparable from the content reflected in packaging or posters. It is not only the guide of content, but also the two wings of expressing content. The problem is how to extract good advertising language, but it is not an easy thing. This requires packaging and decoration designers to pay more attention to strengthening literary cultivation and increasing the accumulation of literary knowledge at ordinary times. After understanding the basic situation of a product packaging or poster, there is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe, so they can create targeted works. In addition, it is necessary to create several more schemes, solicit the opinions of manufacturers and users as well as the suggestions of others, so as to be simple, clear and clear at a glance. In the process of creation, we should pay attention to the reflection of packaging and posters in the market and among consumers and audiences. Do not miss the point, or the wind, cattle and horses do not match, which will not play a good role, or even backfire. (to be continued)

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