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Teleperformance, an outsourcer, won the verego social standards certification award

recently, teleperformance, a global leader in outsourcing customer service operators and multi-channel customer management, is pleased to announce that the company has won the verego SRS certification award. The verego SRS (Social Responsibility Standard) certification award, i.e. the verego social standard certification award, is intended to be awarded to enterprises that have made outstanding performance in leadership, ethics, humanistic care, social groups and environment related policies and implementation

the verego social standards certification award

verego certification establishes a series of core evaluation requirements for the social objectives and programs adopted by participating institutions as a framework and managed by the enterprise itself

won the verego social standard certification award

won the verego social standard certification award teleperformance is honored to meet all the requirements of verego certification in five aspects: leadership, ethics, humanistic care, social groups and environment. Each certification has a unique set of requirements

leadership certification: confirm the commitment to the society and commit to the commitment and communication to shareholders through customers and organizational capabilities

ethics certification: it emphasizes the organization's behavior and process in purchasing goods and services

employee certification: it explains the protection of human rights and how the company handles employment relations

community certification: used to evaluate the participation and investment of enterprises in the local community of the operating company

environmental certification: focus on the ability to effectively focus on the organization and improve their impact on the world

5 certification scores show that the employee certification score is the highest in 5 aspects. Teleperformance has been able to obtain such outstanding scores because it has always focused on the human text for employees and also through a structured method. Moving away the fixed fixture is not only considering best practices, but also all information is transparently transmitted to shareholders

verego SRS certification is the only comprehensive certification enterprise standard in the world, which can adapt to the unique operations of almost any organization or supply chain. Among the participating enterprises, only those that have passed the rigorous evaluation mechanism of verego can be awarded this award. Teleperformance is honored to be awarded this award

about the verego

verego enterprise standard, which is a common framework for enterprise best practices, the verego porous base adsorption method uses a large number of small pores in porous media materials to enable companies around the world to improve their management systems to help enterprises improve their society and environment. This standard is developed by a group of sustainability and procurement experts from all over the world who have won one first prize, three second prizes and one third prize of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and technology progress award before and after the merger, in cooperation with verego Committee. The establishment of standards emphasizes that the most important thing in today's modern business world must be a negative enterprise organization. In addition to our best practice standards organization certification, verego provides additional software solutions and audit management support to enable the company to expand the effectiveness of its negative procurement and supply chain programs

about teleperformance group

teleperformance group was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in France. At present, it is the world's largest outsourced call center operator and the longest history and most experienced enterprise process outsourcing (BPO) supplier in the industry; At the same time, the number of seats in the world ranks first in the world (more than 217000 employees); Its business covers 74 countries worldwide; It has 311 customer contact centers, providing services for more than 160 markets and more than 265 languages and dialects; Leading CRM call center experience; Global business distribution; Flexible solutions and cooperation modes; Reasonable cost control; Unified operation standard culture; Good financial condition, senior industry experts and management team are the foundation of teleperformance's success. Telep constitutes the provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. Performance group is a listed enterprise on the European stock exchange, with the transaction code of 5180 Customers can access the annual reports and real-time stock information of the group through the official website of the group company. Teleperformance, the group's business revenue in 2015 was US $3.7 billion (about RMB 23billion), making it the best financial enterprise in the same industry in the world

about Beijing Internet Qixin Information Technology Co., Ltd./teleperformance china

teleperformance group entered China to establish Beijing Internet Qixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007. It is a professional BPO service provider and outsourcing call center operator. Six contact center stations have been set up in China, with more than 5400 employees. Seats are distributed in five cities, namely, Beijing headquarters, Xi'an Branch, Nanning Branch, Kunming Branch and Foshan branch. Relying on the strong backing of teleperformance group and adopting its globally unified service standards and operational assessment indicators, Beijing Internet Qixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. strives to provide our customers with professional system voice in and out, online chat, e-mail, social media and other multi-channel services. We have a group of loyal, dedicated and professional management personnel and technical experts, and a scientific quality management system, which can provide customers with personalized outsourcing service solutions. Through strong technology development capability, efficient resource integration, strong operation capability and rigorous management process, we are committed to assisting customers and partners to continuously optimize their competitiveness and realize the maximum business value of customers. Our customers include several Fortune 500 enterprises, 90% of which have long-term cooperation with us

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