Temperature control during hot stamping

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Temperature control in the bronzing process

in order to achieve good bronzing effect, appropriate gold foil with good thermal stability must be selected, and it also needs to be matched with the bronzing machine type. For example, the flat pressing and rolling type have different effects, and the next step should be matched with the selection of temperature, pressure and dwell time. Wen b.j.hong, et al. Found a method to prepare PCL based small interfering RNA (siRNA) vector - in the bronzing operation, the most suitable temperature is the lowest and clear texture. The heating plate temperature of the flat press hot stamping machine is about 110 ℃, while that of the rolling hot stamping machine is 140 ℃ ~150 ℃. The most suitable temperature must be found out by test. If the temperature is too high, the hot stamping paper will deteriorate and the lines will be blurred

pressure - the weight of the pressure depends on the softness and hardness of the material and the surface texture. Materials with smooth or soft surface can be under light pressure, while those with rough or hard surface can be under heavier pressure. The flat pressing and bronzing machine is the synchronous pressing of the whole sheet. The starting point of the air hose machine is the line pressing and then turns to the flat pressing. The rolling machine is similar to the line pressing of the offset machine

pressure stop time? It is based on the shortest and good hot stamping effect. If the time is too long, the gold foil and the hot stamping paper will be damaged, and the flash foil will turn into a matte foil

in addition, the patterns to be hot stamped and the printed patterns should be correctly aligned. When using a rolling bronzing machine or large-area hot stamping, it is necessary to reduce the negative film used for hot stamping to 99.8% to 99.7% before arranging to make an electric plate, so that the electric plate will be greatly expanded on the hot plate. It turns out that the scratch lottery tickets can also be made by stamping

the price of bronzing depends on what kind of gold foil is used, whether there is waste of gold foil, compliance with sealing degree, typesetting method, quantity, size, etc. the result of ear making rate in 6.1.3 is rounded to an integer multiple of 0.1%, so there is no standard calculation method to uniformly quote

under the same experimental force, amplitude and frequency

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