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With the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic logistics industry has maintained a rapid growth rate at the same time, and the logistics companies have quickly spread their branches to the corners of major cities. While the logistics companies absorb large-scale employment and expand rapidly, ensuring and improving user service quality is the key to the steady development of the company. The system solutions developed by Feiyin era for the logistics industry help logistics companies improve the internal communication efficiency among headquarters, branches and points, provide efficient, fast and convenient communication services between the company and users, and bring high-quality user experience

requirement description

the IP voice system shall be stable and reliable, and support the hot standby mechanism of dual namely thermal radiation, thermal convection and thermal conduction machine. The standby system can take over the work of the main system at the second level, so as to ensure the high survival of communication services

the headquarters and non local branches can realize cornet calls and free calls, with clear and stable sound quality, effectively improving the internal communication efficiency of the enterprise

the company's unified number with long service life can be built with multi-level automatic operators to meet the communication between the company (especially the salesperson) and users

the terminal telephone shall meet a variety of voice calls, such as corporate address book, speed dial, caller information display, call recording, conference and other common functions

the telephone shall have the function of automatic deployment to facilitate the telephone deployment at all branches and points

scheme description

according to the needs of users, based on the existing enterprise network, two sets of core IP voice systems are deployed in the core computer room of the headquarters. One is used as the main server to maintain the daily operation of the company's system, and the other is used as the standby server. The heartbeat detection technology is used to monitor the operation status of the main server in real time. Different branch points can flexibly deploy IP voice systems according to the number of employees to achieve local outgoing. IP phones at branches and points in various regions can automatically issue extension short numbers through the main system by using the interconnection and interworking with the core IP voice system network. People who need mobile calls can use the portable Wi Fi phone in the era of flying voice to make fast roaming calls in the wireless network environment. Considering the characteristics of frequent communication and large call volume between the logistics company and users, a digital relay gate is deployed between the main system and the operator for bridging to solve the daily frequent external calls between the logistics company and users

highlights of the scheme

1. The system is stable and reliable

the core computer room of the headquarters adopts the active and standby dual system, which supports the dual computer hot standby mechanism to ensure that the system data is not lost. Point's IP voice system is interconnected with the headquarters through IP docking, which improves the stability and reliability of voice system operation and clear call quality

2. Easy deployment and low cost

no need to change the enterprise network environment and usage habits. By using the existing network resources of the enterprise and the interconnection of the logistics department, the branch telephone can automatically issue the extension short number through the main system, so as to realize the free call between the branch and the headquarters

3. Rich functions

provide enterprises with exclusive numbers and the introduction of automatic operators. At the same time, it supports rich voice functions such as enterprise address book, speed dial, caller information display, call recording, conference, etc

4. Scalable resources

according to the company's development model, partners can be included in the same voice system and assigned extension numbers to facilitate business communication with partners

5. The system is easy to expand

distributed deployment facilitates the selective license expansion, branch docking, and call center system joint commissioning in the case of scale expansion, personnel increase, and large call volume in the later stage. The enterprise internal management system can also be integrated through API interface

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