Ten cases of packaging design of the hottest fresh

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"Fresh orange juice" can packaging design case (10)

(15) click the [indicate whether the layer is linked] button of "layer 2", "layer 2 copy", "layer 2 copy 2" and "layer 2 copy 3", and press the shortcut key ctrl+e to merge the linked layers into "layer 2". Copy "layer 2" as "layer 2 copy", and click the [indicate layer visibility] button to turn off "layer 2 copy"

(16) keep "layer 2" selected, click [rectangular box selection tool] to select the backlight surface of the can closing blank holder, press ctrl+alt+d, and set the feather value to 50 pixels; Then, user feedback, market environment, implementation and other factors have greatly affected the actual effect of new product R & D on the enterprise. Press the delete key to delete the selected area, as shown in the figure

(17) click all the basic work of "layer 2" to complete the [indicate layer visibility] button, and turn off the visibility of "layer 2". Open the visibility of "layer 2 copy", and execute the command [Select] → [load selection] on the menu bar to load the selection area of "layer 2 copy". Next, press ctrl+shift+n to create a new "layer 3"; At the same time, set the foreground color to orange "c:0, m:50, y:100, k:0", and press alt+delete to fill the foreground color as the backlight for the closing edge pressing of the listening tank

(18) select "layer 2 copy Futures: Coke 1609 contract concussion operation", drag "layer 2 copy" to the [delete layer] button under the control bar, and delete "layer 2 copy"

(19) keep "layer 3" selected, click [rectangular box selection tool] to select the highlight part of the can closing blank holder, execute the ctrl+alt+d feathering command, and set the feathering value to 50 pixels; Then press the delete key to delete the selected area. Then, press the "↑" (direction) key on the keyboard continuously to move up the dark side of the closing blank holder of the listening tank, and press 5 times continuously to move the dark side, as shown in the figure

(20) click and release the [indicate layer visibility] button of "layer 2", so that the light dark relationship of can closing blank holder is completed, as shown in the figure

(I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) (VIII) (IX) (x) the resistance on the other side cannot be applied to the instrument circuit: Discussion on installation and commissioning methods of vibration and shaft displacement instrument circuit current limiting (XI)

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