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Energy conservation, environmental protection and health have become the main theme of the times, as has the wallpaper industry. Green environmental protection is the future development direction of wallpaper. Over the years, the new wall fabric has always been committed to the development of environmental protection wall fabric, and has been recognized by the industry

with the rapid development of China's economy, resources and environmental problems have become prominent. The development of new energy and new materials has been placed in an important position. Energy conservation, environmental protection and health have become the main theme of this era. In particular, the development of the real estate industry has led to the rise of the home decoration industry. In terms of living environment, energy conservation and environmental protection have received more attention

in the home decoration industry, the wall cloth has been criticized for its cumbersome construction, unfavorable to green environmental protection, short service life and other problems. However, the traditional wall cloth consumes forest resources, contains too much harmful and toxic substances such as benzaldehyde, and cannot be recycled and naturally degraded, which makes the wall cloth industry develop slowly. Moreover, the cost of wall covering remains high, and it rarely enters the homes of ordinary people

in view of the characteristics that the current domestic wall fabric industry is still in its infancy, wall fabric enterprises should vigorously develop green wall fabric, develop more grades of products, and improve quality. Secondly, efforts should be made to expand the international wall fabric market, improve industrial development policies, and give full play to professional market advantages. The most important thing is to establish brand awareness and carry out strong brand assault, so as to take the lead in the future wallpaper market

natural materials become the first choice of consumers

natural materials are wallpaper made of grass, wood, leaves, etc. Generally, it is an environmental friendly wall cloth, which does not contain toxic gases such as vinyl chloride. Carbon dioxide and water are generated by combustion. Because wood fiber, wood pulp and other materials have respiratory function, they have good air permeability, good ventilation, moisture resistance and mildew resistance. Natural wall cloth is more and more popular with consumers for its superior environmental protection performance. Natural wall cloth is also the most wall cloth product in the environmental protection wall cloth market

the fabric wall cloth is made of chengxingui

the fabric wall cloth is mainly made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers, which completely eliminates the adverse factors affecting health. It has the characteristics of elegant color and soft texture, so it is regarded as the wall cloth with the highest safety. Fabric wall cloth is also a popular product in recent years, known as "breathing wall cloth". Its textural, breathable and environmentally friendly properties are important advantages based on the market, and have been widely praised by consumers

non woven fabric wall cloth comes from behind

non woven fabric wall cloth is made of pure non-woven paper as the base material, and the surface is printed with water-based ink and coated with special materials after special processing. It has the advantages of sound absorption, ventilation, moisture dissipation, no deformation, etc. Non woven wall fabric has been accepted by many consumers for its excellent environmental protection characteristics. At the same time, more and more wall fabric manufacturers also pay attention to non-woven wall fabric, hoping to develop better low-carbon and environmental friendly non-woven wall fabric. Non woven wall fabric will become another new expensive in the environmental protection wall fabric Market in the near future

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