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Does balcony decoration need to be waterproof? This is a question that many owners will ask. According to the experience of Wuhan Decoration network, the bathroom, kitchen and balcony are the three key areas for decoration and waterproof. But the balcony waterproof is often ignored by everyone. Xiaobian reminds everyone that the balcony must be waterproof to avoid the infiltration of rain and snow due to its exposure to the external environment. Even the non exposed balcony is usually waterproof because it will be used as a place to wash and dry clothes. If the balcony waterproof is not done well, it may not only affect the neighborhood relationship, but also make it more troublesome to rework

does balcony decoration need to be waterproof? Yes, it's better to make the balcony waterproof. The following is a brief introduction to the steps and precautions of balcony waterproofing

although the balcony area is small, there are many parts prone to water leakage. The facade is the window, and the junction between the window frame and the wall is filled and sealed. These areas should be checked before the decoration of the new house. If there is a problem, it should be dealt with in time. The rest is the plane waterproof construction of the balcony. The balcony has an entrance and exit to the interior, and some of them are flat slabs. The design of the falling slab is to consider the problem of water storage and drainage, The balcony has drainage floor drains and drainage pipes through the floor. The internal corners of the plane and facade are also very easy to crack. These parts are mainly strengthened. Now these areas are made with waterproof additional layers, and then the construction of large-scale waterproof layer is carried out

the construction scope and key treatment parts of the waterproof layer have been determined, and then the coating thickness of the waterproof layer is not enough to resist the transitional deformation, and the service life is short. The thickness of the coating waterproof layer selected for the balcony is not easy to be less than 1.5mm thick. The waterproof coating of this thickness is not formed by painting at one time, so it must be painted more than once. It is recommended that it be painted no less than three times, and the direction of painting up and down is vertical, Only in this way can the construction quality be guaranteed





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