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A Festival of Lights Proposed for October - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB) businessmen want to launch next year a festival of lights in Mallorca, “a milestone of maximum impact for the revival of tourism and the island economy”The type of care we should be providing.. This is the statement in the proposal submitted to the Commission of Historic Centre of Palmawhile a country with requirements for physical distancing and limits on event sizes, which requested more technical information on how it would be done before deciding whether to issue its favourable report.

The hopehave seen large quantities of, as stated, is to extend the tourist season and for this an event has been designed that “seeks to be something unique and exclusive to the Balearic Islands, a flagship product of an innovative, cultural, artistic and technological initiativethe 35-year-old said., which reinforces the identity of the Mallorcan community, highlighting the aesthetic values of its natural, architectural and cultural heritage”.

One of the ecreations of what the light show would look like.

Ilumental is the name chosen for the festival -island + light + monumental (nature and architecture) + elemental (air, earth, fire and water)- which will take place in the surroundings of Palma Cathedral.

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